Price Speculation


50 was a strong Support for ZECUSD. This will stay below 50 for a while. ZEC performed miserably during the last relief rally and is now continuing its massive downtrend. It might sound strange but I always saw the price of XMRBTC as point of orientation for ZECBTC. Naturally the price of ZEC should always stay above XMR by a minimum of 0.001. After this big red dildo I’m not sure if we can keep that ratio or dump below Monero


How do you come to this conclusion?


To be honest there is no scientific reasoning behind it. It’s my own observation during the last months. In general ZEC should always have a higher satoshi value than XMR because of market cap/supply and scarcity.


Within is few minutes jumped from .01400 to .1461 and now back to .01416, it’s clear cannot hold and jump because too many selling.

ZCASH vs BTC - comparative values

I’am not a Monero fan so i just had to read a bit into it bevor writing to check your argument:

Supply comparison:
21.000.000 ZEC versus 18.300.000 XMR + 0.3 XMR per minute when reached (at least that’s how i read it).

Issued: 5,770,981 ZEC versus 16,752,922 XMR

Current Inflation: 45.62% at ZEC versus 5.22% at XMR

Volume: In my opinion XMR is traded more healthy with less Fake Volume/Wash trading, didn’t dig to dive into it as XMR is of no real interest for me anyway. Just a first look impression i got when viewing their markets.

Tech: Pretty sure ZEC leads here a lot, just my personal opinion as it’s hard to measure

Decentralization: Pretty sure that XMR leads here at the current state and time.

Transactions, Payments, Wallet adresses: ZEC leading here in my opinion, means more adoption.

Conclusion. I think ZEC has in the long run more potential than XMR, but in the short run due the high inflation at ZEC and low so far issued ZEC it could be possible that XMR beats ZEC in price temporary.
I wouldn’t conclude that ZEC always has to have a higher price than XMR. I think it’s indeed possible that XMR could outperform ZEC for a short time on price… Just my personal opinion of course. As said, i’am not a Monero fan so hopefully this will not happen.


might be in the Long term, but in the short term just look at the Long wick in the candle to me it’s the ultimate bearish sign, quite possible .012 BTC next.


Accumulation is the only strategy at this point. The ZCash peeps should really be concentrating their efforts on user and merchant adoption as well as a mobile wallet. If they don’t do that, it will be junk, IMHO.



The force is telling me the bottom is coming…there has been a disturbance - selling is exhausting.

Confirmation when buy volume kicks in (most likely in BTC or ETH markets dollar volume will follow)

Moving Average Cross-Over Divergence:


My bet goes to more bearish the next weeks … Mostly BTC in the range of 2800-3100. I have a feeling it will break below 3000 for some short time…

Interesting read …


And that…



another well known currency is competiting us: Litecoin (LTC).

That’s not good for us in my opinion:




still, they are doing the first step into adding privacy … they become a direct competitor, just logical, not?


…maybe, but there’s more to a private & fungible coin than what they’re planning.

Think their announcement adds credibility to ZEC, we’re already doing what they hope to and doing it rather well IMHO.


Agree with you. I also think that temporal decline of BTC price is quite possible to happen soon.


From a technical point of view and someone that has technical knowledge you are absolutly right. Unfortunatly the majority of crytpo users don’t have such knowledge, one of the reasons some Verge coin even pretends to be a pure privacy coin with a huge community evend defending this, just as an example.

I absoltuly agree that we are doing it well and way better, but still, it’s a new competitor on the horizont, easy and simple as that. And we have no idea if they go further than just confidential transactions and bulletproof or not. As it’s a competitor on a higher market cap rank than ours there is a good chance it will somehow influence us as well, how exactly has to be seen, but there is a good chance that an negative impact is more likely than an positive impact… Just my opinion…


Copy and paste protocol can’t copy and paste it’s way towards innovation.


Absolutly agree here, but it seems enough to give some coins enough creditability to make and stay in the top 50, verge one of the best examples… Pure copy & paste project and while we both mostly never will touch it a lot of users believe in it, don’t ask me why, lol.


Valid point - sometimes ‘Joe Public’ has a matching IQ & shoe size, there are sure to be some that can’t figure it out.

Privacy has strong and vocal advocates, claiming something is private when it isn’t is a sure way to get shredded on Reddit/Twitter/etc.