Price Speculation


Yup, agree that we’re doing great, but anyway there’s a new competitor, isn’t it a good reason to announce new features, idk


Might be an interesting read for some:


Hit new Low against BTC, all good news(GDPR etc.) does not support zcash price, was at another blockchain event and one pessimist person claimed zcash to just be a test net wihich will trade in single digit $$ by next year, have met quite a few people who say zcash is interesting and the people involved are genuine but all that does not reflect on the price momentum, Why is that so?


Back to speculating on price, which is why we’re all here…

Its probably not long before the ‘shiny new private wallet’ gets announced, what effect do you think that will have on price ? Moon ? Low earth orbit ? Its a significant step (maybe not a giant leap for mankind) so I’d expect some good to happen.


There has to be a new development which is a catalyst of positive price momentum else even those who buy now to HODL will get REKT…:slight_smile:


Absolutly none. No effect on price. It’s something that is standard today to have wallets. Others have these since … ever?

Actually comparing our wallet progress to others like Dash for example we are still a lot behind, no paper wallet, no web wallet for example. Or Monero has allready 2 mobile wallets.

Sorry to be again pesimistic here, but adding something that should be standard for a long time isn’t going to add anything by today…


I’m rather pessimistic as well. To be sincere, I believe that ZCash is just great, but it seems it lacks any kind of sex appeal. Everything that happens to it does not generate any enthusiasm in the people.
Price is almost flat or going down. Several improvements have been done but it just seems that this is not enough.
Marketing has still a lot of work to do IMO but maybe that’s not the only issue to solve.
I’ll be happy to be wrong, anyway! :slight_smile:


Hmm, well, I’m quite optimistic.

Right now you need some knowledge/skill to get set up, but a phone app can be used by anyone - so its a significant step.

Hopefully the marketing folks will make a lot of noise about this, its a good opportunity & think we’ll get a moderate bump in price.

In other news, I’ve been watching the ZECBTC book on Kraken & there’s a significant change - I dont remember the last time I saw 1000 ZEC buy orders.


I agree fully that it’s a significant step into the right direction to have a phone app, no doubt here.

I’am more pesimistic about the price influence the release will have, means zero to minimal impact.
I mean we are 2019, it’s no more a big deal or big news at all. If i remember right the Monero Android Wallet Moneroujo was released in Q3 or Q4 in 2017, just as a reference and comparison with a direct competitor.

The wallet issue is one of the weakest points of ZEC, so i doubt we can monetize anything soon on this field as we lack and lag still too much…
Without having still a paper wallet, web wallet or gui wallet which most projects offer/have, we are just behind many projects.

Some work i noticed by other projets the least weeks/months related to wallets:

  • Sending/Receiving transactions even without ANY wallet.
  • Sending/Receiving even without ANY adress yet.
  • Sending/Receiving with Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, others…
  • Using word/nickname adresses instead of long adresses of letters/numbers nobody ever can remember.
  • Google Chrome implentation/wallet.
  • Wallet linked to bank acocunt
  • Hybrid wallets desktop/web, desktop/phone, web/phone,


Some good ideas there for the zec-qt-wallet - I like the nickname/alias for addresses.


Yes, totally agree. The case i was talking about aren’t even aliases, the whole adress is created by the desired nickname, not just an alias of a common currency adress.

While looking further on an interesting community project i came just across this:

The project has 2 currencies on the blockchain. Let’s say ZEC and ZEC Dollar as i don’t want to advertise anything here. ZECdollar is the stable part on the blockchain and only available on the wallets.

When you get ZEC it gets automaticly converted into ZecDollar in the wallet. Example: Today you receive 10 ZEC at a price of about USD$ 50 each, means these 10 ZEC get converted into 500 ZEC Dollars in the wallet. Now let’s say that after 1 year for some reason 1 ZEC has the price of only USDD$ 25, than you would have 20 ZEC in your wallet once you want to use them. No idea yet if this is a good or bad approach against volatillity, but it’s for sure an interesting innovative new approach this project tries…


…the ‘link to bank account’ idea, maybe as simple as link to an exchange api for market orders & coin transfers.


that’s not the same but some kind of exchange api might as well be another interesting idea … (in case you had the wallet in mind and not the bank account!).
In case that’s right, there are allready a lot of wallets where you can exchange coins directly (not sure if you had that in mind!).

The wallet linked to bank account is in my opinion an interesting temporary feature for the next years.
First of all you don’t need an exchange anymore when you top your wallet from your bankaccount or withdraw from the wallet directly to your bank account.
Second, the wallet is KYC confirm as it’s attached and linked to your bank account anyway.


By accident doing some research i came across an ZEC stand alone android wallet:


That wallet only supports transparent addresses, same as Jaxx or Coinomi. Zcash Co should stop them from hogging the “Zcash Wallet” name on Google Play since its not a Zcash Co approved wallet.

The good news is that the Reference Wallet team (private addresses by default) now has their mobile wallet code 90% functional. February 1, 2019 - Weekly update (Engineering)


Hit fresh new Low against BTC.013870.:frowning:


We all know what happened to zcash,but we can’t discuss in this topic.


It was about 18 months ago when you could get 0.16 BTC per ZEC…

It is worthy to ponder why Nero did nothing when Rome burned…


or why firefighters were on strike when alexandria’s book library caught fire… :smiley:


…he was busy reading the ASIC thread & by the time he’d finished Rome was burnt. :joy: