Price Speculation


USD pairs are humming today!
also, was trying to keep track of the ZEC/JPY pair, but lost track of the thread i originally started, and too lazy to find the thread, so i’ll start again from here

Radical “to the moon” thread

Sentiment is changed. From now on ts gonna be more and more “buy the dip” instead “secure profit and set stop loss” . The danger to be left behind is real. I would be really surprised if we go close to the bottom lows again. Now, if only Zooko would pull one giant rabbit out of his a**, one of these days…


Seems like a perfect bear trap if I’ve ever seen one.

(note, my predictions are historically very inaccurate when it comes to short-term prices! They are always for entertainment purposes only.)


Why Gemini ZEC withdraw balance keeps reducing?



Stable franc! A swiss bank account cybercoin!

Zcash! A cybercoin swiss bank account! :zcash:


TRD-20 STABLECOINZ! Remember in “who framed roger rabbit?” when he just kept breaking plates over his head?! Yeah!


Is Zcash dead, or no one really cares?


It’s everything else but not dead, it just didn’t hit yet the (natural) bottom, easy and simple as that …


0.01 BTC f’n depressing


… for long time holders for sure. Analyzing several factors and aspects i came to the mid term conclusion that we will drop further. My absolute personal opinion, calculation for mid term price suggest that 0,0065-0,007 BTC will be a good entry point for me to fill my bags. I won’t risk sooner for sure to entry again!

Just my very personal prediction i have written some 3-4 weeks ago too.
Disclaimer: I don’t own ANY ZEC at the moment (due the reason above!)


Strong support historically at $48, idk…
Sounds like a steal of a price, what with only 21M of em and all…


Far from dead, just not much to say currently. Still believe ZEC will be worth orders of magnitude more at some point. I personally think we’ve seen the bottom, but only time will tell. (seems like a solid accumulation zone to me)


Besides recently, Dec 17ish 2016 to Mar 15 2017 was the only other time zcash traded for under $50
Time rng |_________________|

Its like in the Shawshank Redemption, time and pressure
Just remember what Iggy Pop said, “I won’t crap out!” Lol


I sold. So this could be the bottom.


compare the BTG/BTC behavior, especially since they forked from asics, versus zcash for the same period.

and that project has nothing but a name. well, maybe btg better managed too.

through crypto-winter it holds value just fine.

network hashrate since july 2018 doubled from 1.7M. lots of gpus…

does anyone has a good explanation, why zcash, with technology behind, loses value so quickly?


I would guess because its bloody hard/slow to do anything with BTG… I mined some over a week ago on MPH & its still stuck there waiting for autoexchange.


not sure, but might be as well related that they lost a lot of value due the 51% right bevor the fork. If you took the value from may 2018 it doesn’t look that good at all.

As well have in mind that BTG has 0% inflation, versus ~45% of ZEC, which at least in my opinion is the major factor comparing BTC/ZEC and BTC/BTG… With 0% inflation they even should keep pace with BTC and not losing if the coin has any use at all.

There might be other reasons as well, but for sure the inflation factor is the main one, even no doubt here…


what you mean 0% inflation?

75 btg coins mined by gpu every hour.


i should have explained that i mean the inflation difference to BTC…, thought it’s selfunderstanding in the context to btc price and 0% inflation as we are talking about BTC and not USD…