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Is anyone else getting the feeling that with all this race for regulation , we are kind of sacrificing the entire point of crypto, which is anonymity. These days the more some crypto asset gets regulated, the price goes up because people perceive regulation with adoption and therefore profit. We are playing to governments tunes. Dont you think that if aalll the top cap cryptos gets KYC’ed or, backdoored regulated or whatever and lets say we we get massive mainstream adoption, replace the financial system completely. Dont you think that there will always be at least one shitcoin with mcap of like 200k$ at this moment, but that offers total privacy, that people will turn to for their privacy. That shitcoin will become what zcash or monero are to fiat right now. Nothing will change. (rant over)


Fishy volume spreadsheet


Just generally, nothing about ZEC at all, but interesting:



Binance is supporting ZEC/BNB, ZEC/USDT, ZEC/PAX, ZEC/TUSD and ZEC/USDC now. Zooko was right. There’s a lot of good things coming to Zcash this year.

Funds Are Safu


the binance news give a good boost right now …




Lil more concrete
Also again, year of the stablecoin


Well, I suppose it’s time for a bull run now


Thanks, but do you agree with what it says?


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(Side note, have you guys noticed increasing frequency of credit card and Bank advertisements lately? Mmmhhmm)


THat’s good for Zcash. As I understood, the platform attributes every transaction to a specific customer, and even though privacy is still on the table, it is possible to track money transfers, so Zcash has nothing to worry about should regulation become strict


CoinMarketCap Will Alter Listing Metrics After Fake Volume Research

Cryptocurrency website CoinMarketCap (CMC) has assured to rearrange how it ranks exchanges after recent research found strong indications of fake volume. The research from cryptocurrency index fund provider Bitwise claimed that CMC hosts almost entirely fake volume statistics. This, in turn, deceives investors and inflates the profile of affected coins, Bitwise explained in the report. Speaking to Bloomberg, CMC’s global head of marketing, Carylyne Chan, stated:

“For instance, if an exchange with low traffic has $300M volume and just 5 BTC in its wallet, users will be able to draw their own conclusions without the need for us to make arbitrary judgment calls on what is ’good’ or ’bad,’



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Is there a stream of that hearing somewhere?

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