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Another absolute fake volume Exchange: Sistemkoin

Just checked this one today by accident as i tried to sell some other Currency and out of curiousity:

Reported ZEC/BTC volume last 24h: $655,768
Sistemkoin orderbook:
1 single !!! buy order at: 0.00000011 BTC for ~3.5ZEC
2 sell orders at: 0.01965113 BTC for 3.2 ZEC and 0.01545555 for about 0.4 ZEC

Reported ZEC/TL (Turkish Lira) volume: US$1,664,858
There are some more orders than with the BTC/ZEC pair, but the smallest gap btw. sale/buy is around 3.5-4$ which alone is evidience enough that this is as well total faked.

Just stay away from sistemkoin exchange!
don’t count sistemkoin volume into your calculations if you trade!

Edit: I checked some other pairs there. This is the biggest fake exchange i have ever encountered. In most cases the buy/sell price differst 3x, 4x or even more times even for the highest volume annnounced coins on this exchange. Mega Ultra Fake volume exchange!!!


As always… unpredictable market:)


It depends on how the team will develop the project.


Future of Privacy Coins?




what is going on? 20cahr


Don’t really know I woke up from a nap and seen everything jump… I was like well this is a pleasant surprise :rofl:


It always make me feel worse, because I always fear the abyss



thank you @Autotunafish



Ah ha! I knew it! Its only weird if it doesn’t work!


Ok but seriously, heres 60 or so central bank crypto reports from multiple countries


Meanwhile, here in the colonies, the battle between banks & exchanges continues…

Buda (aka SurBTC) had their bank accounts frozen by Santander & several others acting together…so Buda took them to court & won an injunction forcing the banks to re-open. This came as a nasty surprise to the banks involved.

The injunction was temporary so the legal battle is still running - last week the courts demanded testimony from two government ministers who were apparently involved & the ministers declined - resulting in another court order forcing them to answer questions.

(Sidenote: This is all quite fun to trade, the market here is quite shallow & panic selling happens often - ideal for bargain hunters, better if they offered ZEC pairs)


Maybe a new ZEC fake volume record by Lbank the last 24 hours:

Whole volume due coinmarketcap: $494,101,134 USD
Different Lbank pair volume due coinmarketcap: $345,531,180

means Lbank alone is generating exactly 70% fake volume of total ZEC volume, amazing …


According to this, BTCs next hi target is 55k in about 2 years


Yeah, some suppose this unexpected jump was caused by the artificial and deliberate influence


Do you all think ZEC continues rallying from here?


Do you still believe that?