Problem with Mining Rig ( Win10 - 1080ti )


I have a problem i cant get fixed! beside my Ethos Rigs i also have 4x identical Rigs with each 7x 1080ti but one of them is giving me a headache. My GPU 0 always has much lower hashrate ( around 550 sol ) and the other are also a little bit lower then all my other rigs ( around 685 sol ). I tried to switch out the risers and cables but still no improvement.

Its also the only rig where i get the error " dts audio is unavailable for the specified audio device " and when i look in the task manager i have even on idle with no active mining 75% CPU usage and on the right GPU 0 always pops up with “3D”.

Anyone had the same problem and can help me?

move the problem card to one of your other rigs, if it persists it’s the card

if it doesn’t well, then you have a software / driver issue

it doesnet matter if i run it with 5 cards or 7, even swaping pcie positions doesnt have any effect. Always the same problem.

IF you run it solo, is it still the same H/s? the solo card directly on the mobo, same problem? Then you have a not so good card.