Questions about solo mining

  1. Is there a minimum hashrate you should have for solo mining if you want to mine a block more often than never? I’m wondering if 3600 Sol/s meets the bar.

  2. How do I set up a miner (like optiminer) to work with solo mining? Do I need to create my own pool first (probably running as localhost) and point optiminer at my pool?

You wilk not get anything, propably not even with 100 times that hash rate.

There is something called luck formula that will include the difficulty you can look it up

A few months ago the minimum was maybe 1 MSol/s. You should probably have 2-5 MSol/s to solo-mine right now.

bummer. I’m hoping that maybe once Zcash team revs the PoW algo we might see a bunch of asics/hashpower fall off the network at which point solo mining using my humble setup might become a less outrageous proposition.