Radical “to the moon” thread


usually don’t waste my time with lesser-thans, but when i start posting charts again (2019); would appreciate it if you don’t post them on twitter pretending they’re yours : ) @Trololino!
thnx in advance, sporto!


Once again @kek you missed the point I was trying to show you.

You wrote

And I said whoever is capping the market, is doing so for accumulation. Which means he already has huge amount of Zcash by now.

If Zcash pumps, is he wrecked ? No, he is rich if Zcash pumps.

So how will you wreck him then ?

As for the chart, if I knew his twitter account I would retweet it, however I dont. Should I write, check this chart from a guy from zcash forums :smiley:




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Damn dude, you deserve more followers :slight_smile:


one of the reasons i’m saying “time is on our side” - thinking 2017 accumulation was kinda screwed by the bitcoin rally. think that’ll happen again in 2019, but probably to a lesser degree.


Could Zcash pump to 0.1 BTC - maybe. Could it stay there, probably not. And why not ? Because the inflation of Zcash is a lot greater than inflation of BTC.


unfortunately this dude’s correct. these are the people i really wanna wreck. side note - we need to defend (roughly) $56.6 or we could be in for more downside price discovery. could see (roughly) $46-49. so far it looks okay. we’ll have to wait for USA to wake up.

also, good morning!


Supposedly this is a video of a trezor being hacked (its like an hour I haven’t watched it yet I think I read a fix was in the roadmap), from a conference concerning hard wallet vulnerability


…switches to watching ZEC price in Chilean Pesos… $39214 this morning, now THAT feels better :grin:


chile’s on my top 5 list for countries i’d like to visit. one day i will surf chilean swell!


…bring beer :yum: (20 chars)


my favorite writer is from chile: jodorowsky (:smile:


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Mhm some sudden up momentum


If you have been paying attention, you can watch other coins not only go up in USD but their BTC values also increased alot at the same time.

For some reason, Zec USD value has climbed up and down, but its BTC value barely moved.

Eth/Ltc and alot of other coins BTC values increased 20%-30% since dec12. Zec BTC value went up by 5% during the same time. Anyone know why ZEC BTC value isnt moving as much as other coins?


Managed consolidation is my guess


Some not totally unsubstantiated Ethereum/ POS bashing (I dont use ETH)
This was the most interesting link

(I stand by proof of verification of work)


MC/vol oddity is becoming so blatant even twitter normies are stating to notice.

not really satisfied with most the comments from “experts”…
imo, it’s market makers “painting the tape” via wash trading, and other tricks to keep the market suppressed. they’ve lost a lot of control over USD pairs, but still are quite capable of kicking ZEC in the teeth via BTC.

also, don’t think jack is 100% incorrect here

thinking most our volume’s real. just need to understand the volume’s purpose.


He is incorrect on all 3 assumptions actually … He is speculating on what could be the reason, nothing more. All 3 assumptions don’t make any sense.

He spotted something (the high unrealistic faked/inflated) trading volume for ZEC and tries to find some logical explaination for it, while it’s just as simple as it is, at least 75% are faked and inflated and however someone tries to turn it, it won’t change the fact that it’s just like that…