Radical “to the moon” thread

Who wrote about whales that have been bought for 2 years, you call them, maybe they don’t know that you need to move the price up in order to make money on purchases? And so cool that all the time down, really a coin joke. The latest analysis of large wallets tells me that there are no whales in zec, these are the wallets of the exchanges where they transferred the coins for sale, but since the sale prices did not reach the coins, they got stuck in the orders, at the slightest upward movement a rollback awaits because there are few purchases (maybe I was wrong). Why no one else writes about zec to the moon! Tomorrow pump up to 150, then within a week 300 and to the peak of Bitcoin in a month we go to 25,000, then rollback to 50 and sit for 50 for another five years.
Tyler Winklevoss
$ETH is still 10% off its all-time high. Feels cheap during a bull run.
Zec -98.9% of the peak, just undervalued and Ethereum -10 cheap? Soon for zec it looks like a surcharge will be given so that someone would own it, after the correction of bitcoin, of course, BTC up to 28,000 zec to 50 is my forecast in a falling market.
I think Bitcoin’s peak has passed, further down.

With the ban of trump’s social media accounts & parlor app. Tech censorship is UP & flocks moving to Signal. Zcash will gain new momentum as folks re-think about privacy.


I agree that times can be used to promote a project that solves censorship problems, but let’s see if this project is zcash or something else.
You can switch and use what is shitty, but for now everything is in the future, I say about this constantly that it does not matter that everything will be fine in the future, you need to give people a working tool in 2020, so that it would be a complete product that can be used, say tens of millions of people, and the prospects for scaling to billions can wait, now we need an offer for a certain number of people and we have a prospect for the summer of 2021, I think this will not be the second “signal” but will be something else, say, when 50 percent of the population will own an electric car with an autopilot.

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Can you be succinct in your replies? I consider what happened in the past few days has a renewed focus on uncensorable software. Plus FB wants to share info on whatsapp with other FB messengers. I just saw a tweet from Signal that it is trending.

I feel like this is a good opportunity for marketing & educational video about shielded zcash cc @joshs :slight_smile:


Yes, this is a good opportunity, but where is the PR team behind zcash? Why is the opportunity not being realized? I think that absolutely everyone agrees with you and even more!

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I believe the days of sub 100 $ZEC are soon nearing its end. Forever. Hope you’ve been buying. And i hope you took some big bites around 21.


I can be snarky, argumentative, interactive and knowledgeable… but succinct is difficult.

(sorry, I’ll get my coat…)


Will zec overtake dash? Will the peak of growth be higher?

I hope so?

Let’s see what happens next, if bitcoin really has passed its peak and we will have a boom in the growth of all altcoins, then if we do not fall into this boom, then we go for a correction, I hope that this correction will not be 3 years, because I think that although it will fall market by 40-50 percent, but then I suppose a recovery and whoever shows good growth in the first wave may well push the highs in the second and whoever shows badly I think it will be left behind, earlier Dash had a strong PR company, which almost no one had altcoin and a peak of 1580 dollars, I do not think that there will be an approach to this peak, but it will go over 1000, and I think 250 will be the maximum.
It all depends on bitcoin, we can overtake the price and if everything goes well with the news, then it is quite possible for zec to go over 1000 in the first wave, but this will be very unexpected, because everyone expects a strong rise in zcash, even above 1000, and when everyone is waiting growth usually happens something else.
So far, Dash is recovering faster and more confidently along the points of resistance.


Barry is making it :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Then even I began to believe in growth :slight_smile:

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Barry sayd 60k by 2025, he is forfilling his prediction😃

60k was not predicted, it was said if the condition is met, then 60k is possible.

Barry is making the conditions😉 but 93$ now
Edit: 95$


I’m glad to see it

First you need to go back one line above xmr, then you can talk about growth, and so everyone is growing now and zec is not stronger than others (some just grew up earlier and now hold the price)
But if we pass dash and ltc in price, then this is a good sign, while we have a big lag, let’s see what will happen to bitcoin, if downward then no growth in altcoins is worth waiting for, I think.