Radical “to the moon” thread


Agreed but do you think so Zec will look better if we pulled out and compared it against coins that were released in 2016 and before?


just so everybody understands - our market is being suppressed (i consider this to be extremely bullish). we move with news/announcements. been a few months, and the market is starving for some news …tbh, i’m currently moving winnings from other coins into ZEC (my bank), so i’d be okay with more sideways.

being said, my body is ready for a solid announcement! also, good morning!!


another happy birthday for good ole kek magick!


Happy B day and im accumulating as much zec as possible, before the moon😎

Edit: feeling something big is in the air


Happy birthday, may the force be with you!


Good luck, i will wait for a 0.0065-0.0070 BTC price until i enter again with a bigger stake … :sunglasses:


I dont miss that, if this price will come😎


Some extra reading (sorry if I tricked you first 3 lol!) Broad spectrum crypto scene yaknow


IMO i dont have to be fixated on zcash if the price keeps falling. As late entrant we buy at premium and risk is higher, my money goes where chances of losing money are less. Zcash will still be a good project in my view and i will still keep some, just that it will not be good enough to put all your money.


I will mining zcash and sell it instead of buying or holding while asic miner is still profit.


First time in a month the bids exceed the asks according to this data. Let`s close the daily candle above the wedge and wait for confirmation. Indicators look bullish also! Have a good week everyone :slight_smile:


(This is under the foundation topic as well ; )


100% correct, coindesk! interesting thing is the halving megapump will probably happen much earlier than most expect. large traders will pump their way out of ZEC long before the uncertainty that will be created by loss of zcashco’s reward payouts : ) also, good morning!


hold-up a minute …can i get some stickers too?

i’d utilize said stickers in the most strategically advantageous way for the community @sonya


most strategically advantageous way to utilize zcash stickers is to apply a sticker to one’s forehead. remember to replace forehead sticker once a week to maintain a fresh look!


https://twitter.com/radix42/status/1095788412043374593 interesting post! i’d bet NSA types are mixed on ZEC. sucks for them they lose some control, but, if USG was trying to fund a coup in venezuela - would be smart to use zcash to fund, and most importantly, communicate with people on the ground.


Anyone who wants stickers, message me your address! I’ll mail you some.


What an awesome news, I liked these stickers very much!