Radical “to the moon” thread



Ok i’m doing it, volume isn’t where i like but D leg wick has been eaten and i’m seeing a lot of strength.

Bottom Call.


Here’s my initial chart from a post back in July where i stated ZEC could bottom out at around 40USD.

I haven’t been wrong so far…the two harmonic patterns (Bat on BTC & Cypher on USD) aligning up is even more of a confirmation for me.


whoops again


have a feeling we’ll be following QTUM’s lead. also, last time we started rallying - ZEC / XMR exchange rates where neck-n-neck, and dash had blown our doors off. basically the exact situation during 2017.


XLM gets listed on coinbase, and immediately has XLM/USD, XLM/EUR, and XLM/BTC

we still only have ZEC/USDC! zcash still isn’t really trading on coinbase, imo.


Great! When they sort that out we get to do the Coinbase pump all over again :slight_smile:

(The first one was kinda small…)


ZEC is trying to Break up




Sorry blowin the thread up here! Hehe
Weekend reading, its 72 pages : )


looks like major reporting sites have started to exclude lbank data.


finally …
hopefully some more of these fake volume exchanges for ZEC to follow …


Forgive my lack of knowledge of the trading side of ZEC or any crypto for that matter but how negatively does the fake volume effect the price of ZEC?


It distorts analaysis and could scare away some conservative investors.


Thank you for the reply. I just wasn’t sure to how much of an extent it had an effect since I do not have much trading experience at all.


There is no reason to follow the QTUM’s lead as their price increase is due:

QTUM received its price boost on the back of news that it would be [integrated into the ZEUX fintech payments service] which will allow QTUM payments within the Apple Pay and Samsung Pay ecosystems, adding to the core utility of the QTUM network and token


cool story, and thanks for your input! same people that are pumping QTUM are also working on ZEC. imo



this is our market now!


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