Radical “to the moon” thread


https://www.newsbtc.com/2019/03/18/whats-driving-the-bitcoin-btc-rally-past-4000-factors-and-trends/ “Chinese Money Influx”

something to keep in mind - communist party officials, generals, and cronies will be buying cryptocurrencies long before they make any official positive announcements to the public.


I’m hoping the ‘long boring phase’ lasts for another few months, not done accumulating yet, but somehow I doubt that’ll happen.

ZECEUR 50 is a sticky number, but if BTC spikes we’ll quickly break through it.


Now accepting shielded Zcash donations


Does this make any sense to you guys? (I know I’m not the most technically keen but isn’t validating kind of important?)


I’am not understanding it 100% either, but sounds like it’s part of the POS design to me where the full potential of this will be used/available.


For some reason they (Lbank) are included now again … Total joke by coinmarketcap …


“Chinese yuan (CNY) inflow, making the currency in the top entry fiat currencies close behind U.S. dollar in the past 24 hours.”



Zec was over 60$…


new ZEC trading pairs added on binance

looking at you coinbase …take the handcuffs off ZEC, and let her fly!


I called this bottom. The force has willed it.

A rally to $400 then retrace to $230 then into the post quantum hyperspace.


next rally is to $30


If all 21 million Zcash were split evenly today (hypothetically) you’d get about 0.0027


Is there going to be a new low before bull run, or not? Or recovery has begun?


I believe we have reversed course. Bottom has been achieved no more sub 50 zcash. Only moon.


Jack is going full on crypto :sunglasses:


In my opinion this was just a spike due the Binance announcement, nothing more, nothing less.
I could imagine we are going again towards 0.013* BTC range these days…


Not so sure, think if that was the case it would’ve already slipped back, but I’m also an incurable optimist so there’s that… :roll_eyes:




It did went back. No volume, no interest in currency. Plus negative attitude of governments towards shielded transactions in crypto.