Radical “to the moon” thread


https://z.cash/blog/the-zcash-reference-wallet-is-here/ :laughing: :iphone:


Thank you @sonya!


Brave or FF, thats it


Anybody using the Brave Browser? I’am using Chrome so far but after reading the above i seriously consider switching to Brave…
Feedback on Brave someone?


I use brave, its good, chrome go bye bye



A press release about the hkma coin collection program (its brass tacks time (and yes its tacks), monetize)


Oh biometrics!


Privacy is Freedom, that will take us to the moon someday…


and all other coins that implent reliable privacy features until than …


so, changelly did some analysis on 2018 markets. top ten trading pairs (zcash didn’t make the list), top 10 most sold coins (zcash didn’t make the list), and top 10 most bought currencies - zcash makes the list!

not bad!

link to full reddit post:


Interesting! Does this indicate that Zcash buyers are likely to HODL, or am I assuming too much from the analysis?


This is only about changelly and there data they analyzed.

In my opinion there are several possible interpretations why ZEC made it into the top 10 for bought coins on changelly:

  • ZEC was considered cheap in 2018 and seen as an opportunity with faith into it’s price growth over time.
  • The majority of the ZEC buys happened in the first half of 2018 with the price spikes than back.
  • Eventually it was interesting for arbitrage trading, didn’t check the price levels compared to other exchanges.

However, it’s of course a good sign to be in the top 10 for bought coins. But i wouldn’t go that far as claiming that they buyers are as well automaticlly HODL’ers, but it’s possible of course.
Just some thoughts regarding this changelly article.

I have no idea what ZEC volume changelly has at all. Maybe someone has some info?


Off topic did you know Win10 anniversary (:smiling_imp:) supports Bash as a subsystem tool w/o having to dual boot or run a VM? I didn’t! (Its described as the opposite of wine but native cmd that handles gnome kde, enable the option allows installing CL ubuntu inside win10)

As you were


Well, that’s the point, crypto is kind of intangible, and its volatility is a good and bad thing at the same time


What’s up moon guys? This topic is very silent these days …

Just readed back the last 50 or so price comments and how some people trolled me with my 0.013*-0.138 BTC/ZEC price predictions the last weeks…

2nd lowest BTC/ZEC period today with 0.01319 in 2019 …


There is a new wave of selling now to buy new ASIC machines. Unless ASIC manufacturers stop making faster machines for at least 2 years, I dont see how the price could go up.


This doesn’t make sense at all. There are some top new efficient BTC mining asics released as well and i don’t see mass selling there …

Leave alone the fact that i don’t believe that so much ZEC worth 100’s of millions USD are exchanged to buy mining hardware anyway…


So you didn’t see that selling from $6500 to $3100 ?


So you say that trillions of USD have been used to buy asics? And that hardware is the driving market factor? :rofl:


Trillions ? What are you smoking ?

There is an estimate that it only took 3 Billion of direct investment to drive BTC to 19500, the way market cap values are displayed, is not even close to how much coin is worth.