Radical “to the moon” thread


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Retrace or bull trap?
I’m hopeful we will be back on track in the weekend.

I would say 80$ before end of month and steady growth of 5-10% till halving.
Ups and downs all way through and at least 3 times we’ll drop over 20% in under 48 hours before it.

TA is too interpretable, usually people see what they want to see (MA’s, BB’s, RSI, MACD,EMA, fibonacci, trend analysis, and bla bla). Support levels and “buy and sell orders” for me are a more shared reality than filtering with different types of lenses.

For me personally, the most important rule when viewing things short term is:
expect the exact opposite of what you believe is going to happend


Just my personal opinion on the ZEC/USD market “strategy” is that it doesn’t make any sense to analyze this with graphs, technical indicators, whatever, as long as we are unintentional bound to BTC.

I tried at least 100 different approaches on ZEC/USD and NEO/USD than back just to realize later that it’s just following BTC price at a too big extend to have a reliable indication it’s own for ZEC/USD. Of course that’s just my experience and outcome.

Since i realized that ZEC/USD isn’t reliable at all (for me) i changed to follow/analyze BTC/USD and ZEC/BTC which gives a better picture on what’s coming, again, just my opinion and just my approach. But for me this approach works x times better than the direct ZEC/USD “forcasting”…


This is why I’m not a day trader, I am terrible at trying to predict the future.


we’re defending $+67 pretty well. imo, we’ll be okay as-long-as (roughly) $64 holds.

thinking we’ll remain bullish until around middle of may. BTC needs to build support in current range. might see dips, but i’m not seeing anything that indicates we’ll see a brutal drop in our immediate futures.


moving this to wen mewn thread since this is now my favorite thread


nice volume on USD pairs on our legit exchanges today, and JPY’s up a little.


now that $67 has been broken… really need to see some life around $64-65 range …probably going to be putting in some low ball bids peppered around $57-58 just incase $64 is breeched.


IMO – Zcash will defend as long as BTC defends the $4,900 range


agree, (kraken) BTC has a nice bounce off $4,825… right now looks like ZEC will defend $65 area.


How high do you think we will fly by mid may?


imo, really depends on news… but i wouldn’t fall out of my seat in amazement if we hit the $300-400 range; especially if there’s some kind of announcement. i would expect anything major to be officially released to the public at consensus 2019.

+$100 if no news at all


don’t think we’ll see sub $64 zcash again.
(during this market cycle)


\o/ also, good morning


It seems that building up to 400 range is hard, but you never know when there will be a spike. 100-200 spike in a day is not a problem when stars are alligned right😎
Edit: feeling sorry for those guys already, who said you have to wait 20-30 range to buy in.


That’s completly up to what they bought/invested meanwhile instead of ZEC and of course where what is heading the next days/weeks…


Do we think this rally will continue to hold or that ZECBTC continues bleeding lower like it has been since last year?


Hey, I finally got my crystal ball back after sending it in for repairs! However, now the only thing it says is, “MOON”, even when asking it unrelated things. Maybe it’s still broken.


You need to upgrade to version 2.0.4, reindex & rescan…

If that doesn’t work try banging it on the desk a few times :slight_smile: