Radical “to the moon” thread

I see ‘all these projects using zk-tech’ as downstream & dependant on Zcash

I doubt ECC provides support for free & thats at their discretion - they’re also the only ones with the expertise to truly understand it.

Good for us, sucks for them.

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At the end of the day, the network effect will will be the biggest differentiator. If Zcash loses positioning on that front, we could be in trouble, but the Alts implementing ZK-SNARKS won’t automatically put them in the same league as Zcash. Similar to how forks of bitcoin aren’t useful all that often.


You took the Free absolutly literally. The “Free” i used is in regards to Zcash that gets nothing for their hard and costly work. Maybe i should have written “giving away for Free” to fit better what i meant.
But even the 'receiver/adopter" of zcash tech needs only a fraction of the resources Zcash needed for code implentation as no real full R&D is needed.
Don’t get me wrong here. I still think that Zcash privacy tech is top notch, i’am just not happy this can’t be monetized by fees/licenses/similars when other projects use Zcash tech.

I never used the wording “no value” in any of my comments regarding Zcash. You use it. I’am referring to competition and losing ground and profil slowly but surely as more and more well known coins that are more adopted than Zcash implent our or other privacy features.
The Bitcoin code comparison is flawed as it’s 1 bitcoin but 5600+ altcoins. At this stage we should stay in comparing altcoins with altcoins until 1 altcoin finally manages to remove BTC (hopefully some day).

Ok, this answers a lot of my others concerns/thoughts. I won’t comment this one as i would need about 4 pages to do so …

I fully agree with you on this one that there is no need of putting exchanges for example on Zcash. This isn’t what i had in mind with “features” in case you are referring to that one of my comments. With features i have in mind improvements that would help Zcash as well. Just some that come immediatly in my mind that could be usefull: Aliasas instead of long Adress Numbers nobody ever can remember, transaction speed, mobile wallet (finally coming), paper wallet and many more features other projects have or work on.

Thx for putting this correct. As said i don’t hold any of these cryptos i mentioned and don’t use mobile wallets in general so far. I just readed the statements on the given coins which seem to be missleading:

Just posting them here so you don’t think it was my intention to spread wrong/incorrect information:

Zero has a feature called shielded transactions that ensures full anonymity when sending funds. Shielded transactions can now be sent within seconds and also included on mobile devices!

INTRODUCING TXTZ, Send BTCZ to anyone’s cell phone using text messaging, Send both Transparent and Private Z Transactions,

As i allready said that i’am not an expert for mobile wallets and personally use ONLY desktop wallets i went through the list of privacy coins and checked all their wallet options, just out of curiousity and to see IF the ZEC reference wallet will be really inovative when it comes to mobile wallet and making a private transaction. Indeed i wasn’t able to find another Zk-snarks project with an option other than the one you corrected allready, which is of course good.

But what about these that i was able to find? Do you have some insight on these? To make a conclusion if the ZEC reference wallet is a big deal/game changer/real innovation/ i think we have to analyze the competition first. I’am not a Monero fan, but one of their mobile wallets looks pretty advanced with FaceID, choosing nodes, daemon setup and whatever not.

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I just had a quick look at Zero and BitcoinZ GitHub repos for thier mobile-wallets and they are forks of the myzenwallet which is a web wallet and doesn’t support private addresses. Who knows they could be doing something else like ZecWallet by connecting to a remote node on your PC.

I won’t go into a deep dive comparison of the difference between every privacy coins wallets here because, we have gone off topic enough already. Feel free to make another thread.

And as a side note you should remove or change the title of your other thread since you really haven’t left at all. Why did you leave Zcash or sold all your ZEC?


Just some temporary nostalgy i guess. I left, i don’t hold any ZEC, i don’t mine ZEC and i don’t plan to get soon ZEC. Thx for the reminder, my next post will be when my prediction of 0.065-0.007BTC becomes true.

Another day, another ATL on Bitcoin charts for Zcash. I don’t know what the plan is, but if it continues like this, Zcash network will lose all of its value.

Allie: “But I thought you said you were leaving Zcash?”


@Spiral1990 This is how bear markets work. They’re supposed to be boring! Once all of the bears sell then we enter an exponential growth phase. Right now, the exchange rate (price) is not focused on fundamentals. That will change with time.

I remember just a few years ago thinking $60-110/BTC was high. It seems difficult for people, in general, to understand exponential growth, and to have the patience to see it though. Patience, padawan.


Problem is high inflation with Zcash, they act as permanent bears who sell for BTC as soon as they mine. I wish that the stuff that was suggested for GPU miners (with dual mining suggestion) would now be implemented for ASIC miners (for them to receive parts of their mining rewards over period of a year).


When they sell someone is buying zec. =)


It has to halve, twice, before things get interesting IMHO.

Having the same emission rate as BTC sucks because of inflation, but it makes things predictable (sort of).


Don’t complain about ASIC minier.
Join them and buy some equihash ASIC miner, you will love zcash again.
But keep in mind , sell hash power and don’t hold any zcash unless you want to lose money.

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1.) Not sure if you refer to the ZEC bear market or bear market. If it’s the later most coins are in a bullish market allready…
2.) I disagree that bear markets are borking. In a bearish market there are a lot of ways how to turn the bearish market into a good profit. It’s everything else but not boring, at least from a traders point of view. The pure hardcore holder of course may find it boring and even painful.

It’s not that simple and easy. For a growth phase you need demand, demand and again demand. A growth phase isn’t something that a given product enters automaticlly just by design/wish. Without demand there won’t be ever a growth phase …

I agree to some extend with the US$ price as BTC is currently a too big factor which has a too big influence on a given coins own US$ price. On the other side the the most common pair ***/BTC there the BTC is acting like some kind of Cyber-Dollar or bar.
But there are fundamentals like on every product on the market and as said allready, it’s the demand/supply factor and of course all factors that influence exactly these.

That’s how it’s in theory. In practice it’s a bit different in my opinion because everybody trying to sell something might not be able to find a buyer, even less at a desired price level. As the design “produces” each hour & day more ZEC with there is no incentive even for a buyer to buy coins immediatly, all he needs is patient at the moment and buy at even lower prices some days/weeks/months later.

The last days i’am trying to find some pattern that back up this theory and i will make a seperate post about my findings.

Some expert traders tell me that there is golden cross soon on ZEC/USD charts. 50ma meets with 200ma and its extremely bullish event that doesn’t happen often. Should happen in a week or 2.

Attempt to find a pattern why the ZEC/BTC prices goes down and down:

I tried really a lot comparison to find a pattern which might be related to the BTC price, sharing the results that made some sense here. BTC price is always the filled graph, the other indicator is always the red line.

1.) First one i checked is the Active Adresses versus BTC price one.

Analysis: Prior to June/July 2018 we see a stable active wallet count. I think there is no doubt this was the GPU community. The active wallets count kept pretty steady and stable, no matter the BTC price even in this period has fallen. After the introduction of Asics the Active Adresses count droped extremely. This extreme drop seem to have stopped or leveled out at ~ Novemember 2018. Since than the low active adresses count is about stable.

Conclusion: As said allready, the drop in Active Adresses is due the loss of the gpu community, no doubt even on this one. It seems the Active Adresses do NOT have any direct impact on the BTC price as bevor and later BTC levels have fallen/risen without having bigger changes in the Active Adresses count. Currently we see a slightly increase of active wallets and even on new wallet adresses. This could be people transfering funds from transparent to shielded adresses and/or new mining pools. No garantee on this one. Just a possible explaination.

However, i’am pretty sure analzying these charts that the Active Adresses do NOT have an impact on the ZEC/BTC price.

2.) Second one that made sense is the inflation rate versus ZEC/BTC price:

Analysis: After January 2018 we have a pattern which wasn’t the case in 2017 and prior.

Conclusion: I think there is quiet a very close relation btw. inflation rate and the ZEC/BTC price. Makes of course even some sense and it’s one of the comparisons i knew it would give us exactly this result as it’s just logical that without having a proportional increasing demand the price will follow the inflation rate. Only the same or higher increasing rate of demand could counter that price is following the inflation rate.

3.) Mining Difficulty versus ZEC/BTC price:

Analysis: I admit this one surprised me absolutly. I didn’t await to find a pattern here but obviously we have a pattern here that seems closely related to the ZEC/BTC price.
We can see that in June the difficutly begun to raise instantly. We know this happens due the delivered Bitmain Asics than back. Interestingly the higher the difficulty growths, the lower the ZEC/BTC price gets after this. Especially after August/September 2018 we see a sharp increasment in hashrate and as well a sharp price fall. Even more interesting is the 2nd graph which shows how the difficutly spikes again in April 2019 leading immediatly to another ZEC/BTC price fall.

Conclusion: In my opinion this is the most interesting graph of all. While many believe that a higher hashrate and thus a higher difficulty leads automaticlly to more value of the network and logically to the project/coin this seems not be the case at Zcash. I admit that this one really shocked me somehow as i did not await to see whatever pattern here. Me or others may analyse this further to find the reasons behind this strange pattern but it seems to be clear that the higher the difficulty the lower the ZEC/BTC price.
Having in mind that daily new ZEC worth about $400,000-450,000 are mined which again is about ~5-10% of our real daily volume (estiminated) it makes sense that the mining factor has a bigger impact on price while we continue to have such low volumes. Or in short. the higher the real volume the smaller the impact would be. However, i’am not sure that the common used conclusion that a higher hashrate/higher difficulty leads to more value, hold true in our case.

I wasn’t able to find ANY other pattern or indicator other than these 2, inflation & difficulty. None other parameter gave a pattern as a result. It’s worth observing IF the next difficulty spike will lead again to a ZEC/BTC price drop.


Until a pattern is made that its more profitable to hold then to sell for BTC as soon as they mine, they will continue doing so.

Conclusion: As said allready, the drop in Active Adresses is due the loss of the gpu community, no doubt even on this one. It seems the Active Adresses do NOT have any direct impact on the BTC price as bevor and later BTC levels have fallen/risen without having bigger changes in the Active Adresses count. Currently we see a slightly increase of active wallets and even on new wallet adresses. This could be people transfering funds from transparent to shielded adresses and/or new mining pools. No garantee on this one. Just a possible explaination.

I mainly agree with you. I’d also add that, more or less in that time range, a lot more shill was done by third-party users, in part because ZEC at the time was something “new”, in part because of its price it was more profitable. For example, VoskCoin made several videos on YouTube about ZEC, about how it was great technology and about its mining profitability. If you check nowadays, ZEC is neither on any headlines, nor any videos, profitability apart (and that is the bigger part IMHO, as all mining is done to get the best profitability). The ECC marketing has not been able to compensate anything IMHO and has a great margin for improvement.

In addition, several months ago several people were very happy about the daily issuance rate and told me many times that price was not that important. However, lately I didn’t see any comments on this. Why?


Now that you mention Voskcoin, I have to disagree, he mentioned Zcash in quite a few of his recent videos:

These are all in 2019, but I guess people don’t get hyped about ASIC mining like they do about GPU mining. As for Zcash in other news, I must agree, I don’t run into articles mentioning Zcash anymore.

One more thing to mention, as I was paying attention you could almost always buy 10 Zen for 1 Zcash (they always followed each other to that exchange rate for some reason). Now its 6.25 Zen for 1 Zcash.

So even against other coins that use zksnarks Zcash has been dropping in value, not just in Bitcoin.

Maybe the bullish Golden Cross we are bound to hit next week will fix that.

Why ZF and ECC keeps inflation rate on ~40% per year??? It is almost Hyperinflation that usually exists during crysises and makes money users poor!
Any comments from ZF or ECC?