Radical “to the moon” thread

Its the same as BTC before its first halving, each BTC block paid 50 coins (every 10 minutes) but that was a long time ago.

History is a good guide, IMHO price moves will be boring for ages yet.

It is indeed, but the main problem is that you can not compare both for several reasons:

  • At BTC than back there was no alternative as it was the first crypto currency.
  • There is demand, every other coin has a BTC pair across nearly all exchanges.
  • it’s BTC, not an altcoin.

i have witness so far several halvings on different altcoin projects. Most didn’t have even a visible impact or if it had, a very short-term one. Even IF we take that it would have some kind of impact it would need a long time without real demand until it would reflect price-wise. Just a mining reward halving isn’t a garantee for a price-increase. Actually it just and only lowers the inflation rate to some degree, but does NOT remove the inflation rate. Again, the only thing i can think about that can counter whatever inflation rate is at least the same increasing demand rate.

Often true, often missleading though.

Also correct me If I am wrong, but doesn’t Bitcoin also halve the same year as Zcash, which means inflation rate compared to Bitcoin will continue as it is now.


Good point, forgot allready about the BTC halving in 2020 …

hopefully maria doesn’t forget to ask barry about other coins grayscale holds

Seems the relevant chart to be looking at is ZEC/USD. ZEC/BTC chart has no logic/pattern or anything remotely similar that tells us where the price will go. ZEC/USD chart however tells us we will hit 100$ in a week or two, and ZEC/BTC chart will have to adjust accordingly.

not trying to insult anybody, but one thing that could be done is more interesting social media accounts. both of zcash official twitter accounts are boring. there’s no reason to follow either of them. can tell the people running the accounts probably don’t have much experience running successful large social media accounts they’ve built from scratch.

found this in the ZEC cashtag. this is what it looks like when you lose 1/2 your community, and don’t have any news to announce for 8 months straight.


also, the zebra is a terrible “mascot”. it’s impossible to make a zebra look cool for meme purposes. think the zebra was kinda forced on us a bit. disturbing!




@kek come on bro, that’s a dope ass zebra :smiley:

kek dated a chick who loved zebras?

Black and white is balanced yin yang!

On topic: facebook will develop a stable coin, thats potential of 100’s of billion if not trillions of dollars streaming in the ecosystem. Strong news.

The day amazon annouces a stable coin we can go back talking about exponential growth.


ZEC/USD isn’t independent. Whatever analysis you are doing, if BTC makes a move into another direction you can eat the paper you made the technical analysis based on ZEC/USD. I’am not happy with this fact either but that’s how things are at this stage. That’s for the general trend of course.

This is completly wrong in my opinion.
First of all that’s where the majority of our volume is. ZEC gets exchanged mainly exchanged for BTC, not US$.
Just check the ZEC/USD daily volume on the top reliable exchanges day by day. It’s’ in the range of just ~500,000 - 1,500,000 US$ on top days. The Binance ZEC/BTC volume alone is in the range of 1,500,000-2,500,000 US$ daily.
Second, there are patterns. Actually the patterns/analysis BTC/ZEC is way more reliable than any other ZEC pair pattern.
Third, there is some dilemma included in both cases. One of the reasons we have crypto is to be independent from FIAT, especially the US$. So i’am in generally not sure IF the US$ should be used at all, hence some kind of dillema.

Good luck with this one. This won’t happen if BTC doesn’t get over at very least US$ 7,500-8000. I doubt this will happen the next 2 weeks. And even IF it happens it’s more than questionable that ZEC will follow at the same pace.
In case BTC goes again down a bit or sidewards, i’am more than curious to see how you finalize your US$ 100 per ZEC target. Wanna take a bet that ZEC won’t reach US$ 100 without BTC help?

Ok, let’s see what when where is adjusting. Bookmarked your post or just keep us updated what progress your US$ 100 per ZEC adventure is making.

For the records: Price right now: US$: $59.76, BTC: 0.01047158

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i agree with $100 price target… also don’t think it’s out of the question for the next couple weeks. really depends on if ECC has anything to announce during consensus 2019. SEC representative speaking at consensus will probably be offering a bullish outlook for bitcoin.

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looks like good ole kek finally made it to 3000 views. pretty much makes my day, yeeeew

Read the chart @boxalex, also Bitcoin had a drop today for about 200$ and zcash went up to compensate in USD value. On the chart you can see we will hit golden cross in a week or two. This is extremely rare and bullish event.

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Fidelity Will Offer Cryptocurrency Trading Within a Few Weeks


I’am not going to argue on temporary 2 hours lasting drops/gains at all as it doesn’t make much sense.

I really admit yours and kek’s endless optimism but your golden, platinium, diamond cross won’t change things without Bitcoin’s help, simple and easy as that.

I could comment your technical indicator analyses and why i think it’s even by design wrong but that would take too long anyway.

Just giving you some hints, or better sharing why in my opinion it won’t happen that we go indepent up to $100.

  • no liquidity, no volume, no nothing in this space
  • no Zcash announcement that something will happen from their side the next 14 days.
  • nothing directly and only ZEC related i see coming the next 14 days from outside.
  • of course we walk with our shadow in the back (inflation). This alone makes it more than questionable that we outperform BTC anytime soon.
  • increased privacy coin competition in 2019. I’am a believer that every new coin in the same niche takes it’s share no matter how little/big this share is at the end.
  • a lot more other factors …

These are my arguments against your hope into the painted/drawn golden cross.

I’am again offering you a bet on this one. ZEC won’t hit US$100 the next 2 weeks without having Bitcoin at least at US$ 7,500-8,000. Let me know how much your stake in the bet is, i’am ok with everything from 1 ZEC up to 100 ZEC … Enough faith in your golden cross painting?

https://www.thecoinrepublic.com/zcash-zec-price-analysis-can-the-coin-gain-bullish-trend/ India!


I have my doubts that a ~5 million (reported) USD/daily trading volume platform/exchange will have a lot of impact.

On 17th April they announced that ETC will be added, price impact on ETC about 0%-0.1%…

btc 5951
eth 178
xmr 70
zec 61.13
what happend to zec?
btc price is going up , but didn’t help zec.