Radical “to the moon” thread

bitcoin’s going to hit $7000 regardless, but have a feeling the #dropgold commercial has helped bitcoin. that’s called marketing. hopefully team zcash is taking notes.


What would you do @kek? On marketing side.

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nice to see ZEC volume overtake dash on “real 24 hour volume” metric. slowly creeping up on XMR too.

dunno, i’m just a dumb trader. my only real talent is spotting patterns on charts, and talking shit to people. running some ZEC commercials on channels like CNBC, and cartoon network probably wouldn’t hurt, tho.


ZEC/JPY pair’s still not doing much, but does seem to be increasing

out of all marketing stunts different communities have pulled - this still remains my favorite

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The guy in charge of Zcash marketing is clearly out of his league compared to other coin’s marketing teams. In my opinion Zcash should work on merchant side of software, getting Zcash integrated into modern POS devices, and even making their own POS devices. Getting zcash un-banned in Japan and other Asian countries(as well as preventing new bans from countries like France) would also help.

to be fair, think josh’s job is more on the business development side of things.

So guys we are in gods hands, lets see how it plays out😎

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think some members of the community that’ve been around for a minute should get together, figure something out, and apply for a grant from the foundation. people have done this in the past, but i’m not sure if they were actual hardcore zcashers… foundation has tried

they also did the posters… but both kinda fell flat.

cmon zcash do somethin…

Hope there will be something behind the scenes, otherwise its big waste of good technology.

I still think these grant process are too slow, way to uneffective, unpopular, unsufficient, too expensive and whatever. It’s one of the worst processes i have seen so far.

Why not making things simple, cheaper, efficient?

For example:

Need posters? Make an invitation of tenders and let all interested personal, amateurs/professionals/fans/ send in their posters and the price for them and than choose the best price/quality one. The result should naturally be a cheaper one, faster one, better one, more widespreaded one, getting more attention with some announcements on facebook, twitter and so on. Pretty sure nobody so far heared about the poster grant other than some of us forum/gifthub junkies…

Just checked, the proposal from hloo is from 2018-05-18, or in short 1 year ago and are just finalized at the moment. So it took 1 year to make and get some posters (just in case they are ready allready which i’am not sure). Absolute joke such pace. This should be all done within 1 month from start to end… No idea why everybody seems to be satisfied with such lagging progress even on simple tasks… and why nobody seems to be interested to improve the efficieny of such.


happy forum birthday


Meanwhile …

… The AZTEC protocol uses a cryptography method called zero-knowledge proofs popularized by privacy coin Zcash. AZTEC, however, has designed its protocol, using range proofs, to increase the speed and lower the cost of privacy transactions on Ethereum.


ZF Grants goes live this month, so there’s that…

Crowdfunding, bounties & grants, sounds like progress to me.

It’s a progress/improvement on the whole grant process, that’s all. It won’t improve things at all/much. Maybe speed them up a bit and some other minor benefits. The problem lies elsewhere.

With these grants the incentive must come from someone making a proposal first. This eventually could be effective on pure and very technical matters but it still relies mainly of guessing what the foundation would like to have/get/purchase. Such approach can’t be effective in my opinion.

It should be reverse. The foundation or even company should make announcements/invitations of tenders on things they would like to get/have/researched/produced/whatever. Especially on very simple tasks like posters, stickers and such, but no way limited to such.

The current grant processes awaits that someone is coming toward the foundation. That’s just slow, ineffective and expensive by default.

Again the poster example: With the poster example and new ZF grants what would have been changed? At best the timeline. We would still have no offer from a competitor, no choice of designs, no nothing. This process has no competive character. Without competive character in most cases (if not all) the grant is expensive, slow and not as efficient as it would be with a competive character.

The only thing i can think of the ZF grants is good is collecting additionally funds for a given project from the community, but this could be done as well on other ways.

Just my personal view on the lagging grants progress … Time will show how much this new ZF grants will improve things but i have my doubts it will be much…

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ZF Grants handles requests (announcements & invitations) and also proposals submitted by users so I think much of what you mention is being covered.

If I’ve understood correctly they also intend to fund proposals they really want to happen via the same platform & that’s something their 503c status made very difficult before.

It will be interesting to see what projects people post, I think people are building stuff anyway and we’ll see them listed for funding when Grants goes live - that’s certainly my plan.

I agree it would’ve been nice to have this a lot earlier but we’re getting it now & I’m happy with that. As usual, I’m an incurable optimist :slight_smile:


IF ZF Grants includes announcements/invites of tender and such than it might be a progress indeed.
Time will show if it works like that or if it’s still a slow, lagging, not competive process at all.

My guess is that it will be only successfull if it’s brought and explained to the wide public, maybe a short video for some bucks on facebook, twitter, etc. would help and hopefully someone allready thought about this.

Good luck with your plan, following it by the way. Sounds like a good idea. Hope you get some funds for it!

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Now there’s a thought… a ZF Grant proposal to make a video to promote ZF Grants :slight_smile:

Your saying it’s “Free” is not accurate, there is no such thing as really free, it takes people, knowledge, and hours to make changes and to implement properly, there are lots of places to go wrong and compromise users privacy.

You could also make the same statement about Bitcoin. You can just copy the Bitcoin code (like Zcash and lots of other coins did), so thereby Bitcoin should no longer have any value, right? Of course not, it’s not that simple, you can’t just clone the network, community or developers.

Ethereum along with other coins like Coda protocol also have open-source code that Zcash could copy for “free” if they want to. So what’s stopping the ECC from doing that? The answer is simple they don’t have resources to do so while also making Zcash secure as possible. Zcash is driving to be 100% fungible internet money, not a swiss army knife of smart contracts and decentralized exchanges. Doing this properly without breaking things or compromising the Privacy of users is hard.

Those are not true light wallets, they are web wallets which have an app. They are all forked from myzenwallet which relies on trusting a central server like myzenwallet.io which only uses “zn” (transparent addresses).