Radical “to the moon” thread


1 etf delay = 1 prayer


I’ve given up on ETF, safer to assume it won’t happen for years & delete it from my thinking.


imo, 2019 is the year SEC approves at least 1 ETF. think cboe’s vaneck-solidx has the best chance.


decent bounce in the $53 area. very happy we’ve defended +$50.


…back in the zone :slight_smile:


Small pump halted by another big seller! That can’t be very encouraging to see as hodler.

Edit: I take that back. For now.



Zec is only one in green now


zec +8% on BTC?


Looking at the charts seems zecbtc have decoupled, a welcome change!


Here’s something on BTC that we ZECers never need to worry about -


would be nice if we could stay above 0.0153 - 0,0154 for some time and stabilize there a bit.


I’d like to see us trade sideways while BTC takes another hit… truly decoupled.


Meanwhile, looks like those Siberian crypto miners have powered up way too many ASICs…

(Only kidding)


Nothing but a small little pump. Trend is still intact and sellers still the majority.


In just afew mins i believe, Zooko lessons from first 2 years of Zcash

(Zooko starts talking about 2:24)


thanks for sharing!


“get the camel’s nose under the tent!”


Pretty good, I guess Zooko gets a lot of practice.


You are right, inflation too high. I looked at 24hr issued to market cap and issued to volume, zcash is at the top, so something needs to be done else there will be less people that stick around.