Radical “to the moon” thread


‘Total Eclipse Of Supermoon’ - prob not good

…but apparently there will be three supermoons this year…



That’s good news. Doubt it will affect the price much but it’s good for visibility.

Edit: Smallish pump gets halted by sellers. We formed a bearish engulfing candle on the hourly chart setting us up for more downside.


I think 1st quarter we dont see any big pump, but its not that bad, cause i can accumulate more cheap zec😉


imo, Q1 really depends on what happens with bakkt. they receive approval to operate we’ll end the quarter on a solid note. even if ZEC has no news, we’ll still get pulled along for the ride. noticed bittrex has followed in the steps of other exchanges, and opened an OTC trade desk for institutions. must be a profitable endeavor since all these exchanges wouldn’t be doing that for no reason.


Here goes our first quarter


market cap $313M
volume $187M
total supply 5.7M ZEC
-.- no serious movement in either direction

this is with volume from our top exchange excluded. a certain % of that volume on excluded exchanges must be real. one day our markets will get tired of being pushed around. no market on the planet is naturally this efficient. at this point reporting sites like coinmarketcap/etc wants people to believe ZEC can trade it’s entire market cap in 2 days, and not make a significant movement.


ZEC had two fakeouts in both directions and are now going sideways until we eventually dump with bitcoin. nothing to see here. inflation is killing this coin slowly


Inflation kills everything slowly, BTC suffered the same in its early days - now fast forward to our first halving & the world suddenly changes.

For now, inflation effects can be offset by innovation/adoption/marketing/wallets/etc - sideways trading with the occasional small pump is just fine for me, plenty of time to accumulate.


somebody’s been capping ZEC since early 2017. i’ve fought with them on kraken on plenty of occasions. one thing i can say for certain is they have a lot of money, and they’re very determined.


2 different sources reporting roughly the same numbers:
market cap ~ $309M
24 hour volume ~ $258M


strange. how is that even sustainable? and with no big moves in either direction. if it wasn’t crypto I would be suspicious.