Sudden Collapse of Share Production (Flypool)

Good morning all. I run 2 4x 1080Ti rigs that had been averaging about 3000 sol/s each and 200-250 shares over the last few months.

Last night, I let them run as I usually do, but when I woke up in the morning, things were in disarray. One miner was still disconnected (and had been trying to reconnect unsuccessfully for about an hour), while the other 2 were running. I thought that the one rig had crashed, but looking over my Flypool share data lead me to instead suspect that my internet had given out at some point (when shares go to 0) and that 2 miners had reconnected while the third simply failed to do so.

When I looked at share production following the break, it was almost exactly half of what it had been previously. I thought nothing of it at the time (suspecting it was likely just a residual effect of the Internet disconnect, despite the fact that published sol rates were the same).

However, after restarting all miners (full shutdowns and reboots), I feel as though my share production is still severely reduced. Again, EWBF/Flypool hash rates appear to be correct (and consistent with previous readings)…but whereas I averaged maybe 6-12 shares per PEC readout, 2-5 is now more common.

Has anyone had a similar problem before? I’ll be posting another share readout after 24 hours for confirmation. Hoping for the best here.

I woke up this morning to the exact same graph. Your graph looks identical to mine. My shares are about half of what they were at 0400. My hashrate looks to be the same and the miners have all been rebooted as well. I have not been able to tell if my earnings are reduced yet but it appears that they are.

I am seeing the same thing, BTW.

Well, naturally I’m sorry to hear that, but it is a bit comforting personally. It seems there is a little talk related to this on “Price Speculation”.

For the record and better comparison, I am using EWBF 0.3.4b miner and Windows 10.

This has happened before. In the past it’s just been an interface issue. Hopefully it’s the same this time!

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Flypool’s interface is always been sometimes slow to update. Last night it took 45 minutes before I got an update on my hash rate. The question is are any of the pools experiencing the same loss in share output from miners?

i have the same … the funny thing is that the update interval increase but when checking it it looks normal showing half shares but twice as fast

they put out a tweet last night: @etherchain_org
In order to provide a more efficient mining experience we have increased the default share difficult on the #Zcash pool to 16000



Differing update rates would account for some but not all of the observed data. For example, I had numerous 8-12 minute periods yielding 450+ shares, which is a comparable update rate with that which I am observing currently (albeit, more consistently).

Hey, thanks @masonjount

That would, indeed, explain what I’ve observed, I believe. I guess I just need to pay more attention.

Same here!

I have seen people that it doesnt affect them. I will watch it closely.

Looks like default share difficulty went from 8000 up to 16000. I assume this would result in exactly a 50% reduction in shares and saves bandwidth?

Have any of the other pools adjusted difficulty as well? If everyone else is staying the same, then I will consider switching. I used to get a payout every 1.5 to 2 hours. That has now doubled. I will just have wait for my rigs to stabilize and see if my payouts stay the same.

Average share difficulty in of itself should NOT decrease your average revenue rate (considered in isolation, you commit 50% fewer shares of weight equal to 150% of the original shares, again on average). One would expect this to translate into higher peaks and deeper troughs, though.

I was at .15 to .16 per day. Now I am .11. I see this as an impact on my average revenue rate.

The only reason why you’d get less payout for your time is because more miners are on the pool now.

only because of that?

Yes. Submitting less shares due to a difficulty rise by the pool doesn’t mean you’ll get less payout per time. It’s the increase of miners in the pool as well as the network.

so the only solution to this is moving to another pool?

As I said, when considered in isolation, no…share difficulty will NOT impact average revenue. If the number of miners and hash power held constant, and you adjusted your minimum share difficulty, the average revenue would NOT change.

As more miners (and hash power) moves into the network, block difficulty increases. All block problems are broken into finite number of elements that are distributed amongst the workers. Though the number of elements (and the associated difficulty distribution) varies, the net result is that less work will be assigned to your miners and your average contribution to a given solution will be less, hence your earning power has decreased.