Rig Build Help: GPU Miner won't boot

We have the same risers & mobo - I’m wondering if it has something to do with that connection

@JT08 i’ve tried using the risers from this rig ( https://www.amazon.com/Mining-Frame-Computer-Chassis-Risers/dp/B01EGREBKM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1478291354&sr=8-1&keywords=mining+rig ) and still no luck; So I dont think the problem is the risers…

Did you try booting without any GPU ?

@JT08 when trying to get to boot, have you tried using both the onboard GPU and the external GPU

Yes I tried that. No luck

Ahh yea so that’s the case i got off amazon too, hmmm

current set-up

Okay so you tried to boot without any GPU plugged and the monitor plugged on the VGA output of the ASRock ?

Try to press F2 at boot maybe you can get in the BIOS

That worked! Progress!!! thank you so much

Any clue on what the deal is with the graphics cards?

Only tried the HDMI, but will try the HDMI / VGA when I get back to my house.

try with 1 first… install drivers… boot off.
… then add in your other cards

also when trying the 1… try it in express pci

Since if I have roughly the same setup. What I do is first I boot without graphic cards with the monitor plugged on the MB. Then I plugged one graphic card and the monitor to it. If it is working I proceed to the next one. Also check in the BIOS if you are using PCIE graphics or inboard.

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Why VGA? Is VGA the default for many BIOS’s?

Unfortunately I cannot even get into the BIOS at this point… :stuck_out_tongue:

VGA or HDMI both work as long as it is connected directly on the motherboard. You need to try to boot without graphic cards before plugging them. If it does not work check if:

  • CPU well plugged
  • CPU fan plugged
  • MB plugged to the psu
  • RAM is well plugged

Unfortunately I’ve tried checking all of those things, and still no output to the monitor :frowning:

Do you have keyboard plugged? If yes do you see the lights turning on when you boot the rig ?

Maybe someone gave this answer already but did you make sure that you plugged the monitor into the gpu on the main 16x pci slot. It is the second one plugged in on an proBTC. I think I had this problem when I built my first rig. Hopefully it’s as easy at that.

Hi all,

@owocki here. I had to create another account because the forums won’t let me post more than a half dozen times per day.

I tried the following. No luck.

DVI monitor on 1070 GPU
VGA monitor on onboard GPU
HDMI monitor on onboard GPU
HDMI monitor on 1070 GPU

and… F2 key on keyboard when booting for each of the above.
I also tried the GPU configurations both with the risers, and directly connected to the 16x GPU.

Anyone have another tip for me? I’m starting to think either my motherboard or CPU might be DOA.