RX 470 and 480 Speed

You are totally wrong. The GPU miners aren’t optimized yet … watch Claymore’s and DJM34 threads.

120h/s-150h/s per RX470/RX480 in less than a month

yeah it runs stable with 7 GPU, sometimes I need to restart it to recognize all 7, but its really working well with the new 16.10.3 amd drivers.

but otherwise yeah it runs 7 stable with ETH or ZCash miners.
But i would actually recommend sticking with B85 Anniversary or H81 Pro BTC.

im uploading my build video now, anothre 50-60 min… i have slowwwww internet

how much longer for claymore… ive been watching that like a hawk

He wants 100h/s on a R9-390 to release so my guess is he is over 65h/s already…

yeah i read that… well i hope it doesn’t take too much longer, ive been checking every 30-60 min for an update

Where can I find the reference card for RX-480, like this one:


This is the BEST but, I can’t find it to buy.

For example, this mode here:

Is a complete disaster! Those ugly fans dies after a few months. Not to mention that it warms up the entire computer! While the reference card throws all the heat, in the back, and it last for ages.

The first one is hot and burns a lot more watts.

This one is the bomb

You can see my temps at 50% fan speed are ~50c with 25c ambient (screenshot above)

It also has hard swap fans like the nitro (no screwdriver needed though)

it is, BUT the nitros take most of their core power from the 8 pin, where the XFX really divides it between the 8pin and PCIE, which for those sata riser connectors is not as good

dont get me wrong, i own both and love the XFX cards

really? has the card even existed for a few months?
have you had them die? how can you say it without the experience?

Good point… I used to mine Bitcoins with around ~20 GPUs… All kinds of models, those with the fan in the center, are terrible. Super weak… I touched it at the store, same ugly plastic…

The reference card is king.

the XFX have better fans than the nitros to be honest, the XFX cards are awesome, and even if a fan did break, which they wont… you only need to send the fan in for warranty and not the entire card… awesome fans on those. The nitros are also removable, but not as easy as XFX - you just press in 2 tabs and they pop right out.

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Do you think a CPU miner might be able to get a similar jump?

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Based on Tromp and power usage nop.

What’s the significance of his 120 Sol/s having only 6 H/s whereas nheqminer has 20 Sol/s and 10 H/s? GPU’s are able to turn each hash into more solves in a way that CPU’s can’t?

I think pools count Sol/s not H/s (take with grain of salt though)

what is best config for r9 390 & genoil?

May be, but until now promises only, even Cloud miners are in stuck with their promises regarding GPU. But Now CPU beats GPU. And while some people wait others mine, and that’s the fact.

Yes, it seems Sol/s is the real measure, but I was wondering if the big ratio of his Sols per Hash ( 120 / 6 ) underlies the reason he is able to get such a high sol/s and if that reason is something that can’t be duplicated on a PC. nheqminer for a CPU is about 20/10 Sols per hash. What is it on a GPU?

What ROM are you using that lets you get such high sols/s on the RX480’s?

Nheqminer v2 on a 1070/1080/Titan X Get ~22Sol/s
Nheqminer v3a on a 1070/1080/Titan X Get ~26Sol/s