Rx480 or gforce 1070

I will buy a new GPU
Rx 480 or gforce 1070
Which of you

1070 for sure! the rog strix is good to save money in energy costs. Theres 2 versions 8G & 08G, The 8G is the one for it! (8 pin connector) and the 08G (8+6 pin). Zcash in the 8G is 305+ sol/s.

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thank you sonicdx10

1070 makes more sense

1070 will soon be 400 sol, def buy nvidia

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amd 490 soon…

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I know, however,

Prices would be similar to 1080
It is very expensive.

probably. i can imagine it will also have an impact on the price of older cards from that moment, besides from people willing to sell them second handed.

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http://ve.ga/ 3 days left for the amd vega