Scary YWallet Balance Bug

When I open YWallet, it shows the right balance for a few seconds, then it drops to about 3% of what it should be, which is what my spendable balance is. History doesn’t show any new transactions because there weren’t any. I updated the app. That didn’t fix the issue. The same thing happens: I can see the right balance when I first open the app, then it drops after a few seconds.

And I keep getting a banner notification that says
“Incoming funds
Received XXX.XX ZEC”

The amount it claims to be receiving is the missing 97%. But the balance is still 3%. Still can only spend 3%.

Wallet is fully synched

Opening an issue here using the provided issue template would probably be best

another error message.

I’m just a user trying to access my funds. Isn’t this the place we discuss these things?


Maybe the lightwalletd server is down. You could try switching. Hanh does great support in many venues.


If this is a zashi seed then the same thing happened to another user :sunglasses: believe on the telegram I think yesterday or 2 days ago. Maybe has something to do with the change address.

That other error is kind of an intermittent pop-up. I see it every once in a while sometimes I think it’s just a connection thing. Like mentioned you can switch your server, check the ping time for which one’s fastest. But don’t know if it has exactly anything specifically to do with any particular server.


No, this is a YWallet original :confused:


In the settings, you can set the minimum privacy policy to very low and that should give you the ability to spend any funds that you may have. Sometimes people have issues spending certain kinds of funds because they don’t set the privacy policy.
That may also reflect in the total balance that is shown on the default screen. If you swipe through the address types, it should show the different pool values.

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The first thing I would check in this case is whether the height displayed in the app


is the latest block in a block explorer.


I am off by 1 in this example because I was too slow. Therefore Ywallet should be synchronizing soon.