Second Hand GPUs

I was wondering if anyone has any experience buying and mining with second hand GPUs.

With prices of things like 1080 Ti’s being high and availability scarce, I found there are quite a few for sale second hand around the e400 price range. The ones I have seen are on listed by a new seller, and I wonder if this is a bit suspect, e.g. Nigerians trying to rip people off with a new seller account. It’s not the first time I’ve seen new sellers pop up selling GPUs cheaper than everyone else but I’ve never bought one like that.

Generally though, since miners typically take care of their cards I am wondering if its worth it to pick up some used ones.

I think they are scammers with some elaborate story that you will hear once you contact them . check their ratings "which is none " and also notice that they will state that you shouldn’t buy before contacting them by email . ( sounds legit doesn’t it :slight_smile: )
and those sellers keep changing their name and account . because many times I see them getting 1 star from one guy and it seems it’s easier to create new account every once in a while and close the previous one

I am sure there will be a catch that will raise the price once you receive reply on email . or some other type of a scam that will hold your cash with them for a while or whatever other thing.

but one thing for sure , you will never get gtx 1080ti for 400 EUR

don’t waste your time.

this is what they say on their page .

Bitte machen Sie keine Bestellungen, ohne um Genehmigung zu bitten, ohne unsere Erlaubnis wird die Bestellung storniert.

(don’t buy before contacting us , without our allowance the order will be cancelled )

  • Achtung der bestand ist begrenzt *Fur eine Bestellung kontaktieren Sie uns bitte hier: ZOXSGMB#GMAIL,COM, bitte andern (# mit @).Vielen Dank! Kostenloser Versand innerhalb von 1-3 Tagen.

and ofcorse their stupid email address email on gmail .
and their location
Kirchbrändelring 42
Bad Schönborn

check it on google map :).

it could be some fun to contact them by anyone just to hear their innovative story .

I wouldn’t say completely stay away from the second hand market. I have purchased both the mining rigs I currently have off craigslist and they have been running great for months. I only purchased the one fully built, the rest I purchased part by part. I currently have 6 r9 280xs, 1 r9 290, 1 gtx 1080, 1 hd 7970, 1 gtx 980, 1 gtx 970, 1 r9 390, and 2 r9 270xs. ALL NEEDED new thermal compound very badly but they all work flawlessly and most are older cards. Just be careful who you buy from and I would say you’ll be fine.