September 25, 2020 - weekly forum update

Hi everyone, here are the updates from this week:

Mark your calendars,

  • 10/6 - Gardening Club, registration link
  • 10/7 - Zcash webinar with Blockchain Academy (Brazil), link TBD
  • 10/8 - Arborist Call, link
  • 10/19 - ZKP Privacy Conference hosted by Dystopia Labs
  • 10/28 - Zcash 4th Birthday :tada:
  • 11/18 - Canopy Activation

Community Shout Outs - Shout out to Luxor, Autotunafish, covfefe, and Zecprophet for helping update documentation this sprint. Shout out to narodnik for submitting a community PR.



  • IPFS Github status with CID for binary of different platforms (e.g. ARM, Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Initial deploy of Block Explorer in Kubernetes
  • New detector node setup documents


  • Published ZIP 321, Payment Request URIs
  • And published several other ZIPs
    • ZIP 300, Cross-chain Atomic Transactions
    • ZIP 304, Sapling Address Signatures
    • ZIP 400, Wallet.dat Format
  • Fixed another assertion failure - #4680
  • Completed several refactorings to improve Rust crate usability
  • Made great progress on Halo 2 (prelim benchmarking and Sinsemilla hashing algorithm)

Security: Time-to-analyze new dependency updates decreased by 80%


  • iOS: localization complete! (demo), addressed bugs related to iOS 14, memo entries, UI bugs
  • Android: migrated librustzcash crates, added ability to change lightwalletd servers, adding encryption libraries to older devices
  • Lightwalletd: checkpointing support for lightwalletd, plus huge community interest
  • Product: refined and finished (v1) design guide, facilitated translations for ECC app
  • Light client working group was kickstarted!