Should i create new rigs

Hello there I haven’t heard of zcash since yesterday. Creating a rig always in my mind but atm zcash is really profitable I need a few answers I hope you can help me with my humble questions :slight_smile:

First of all is zcash gonna stabilize at this price or %60’s+ of this price ?

Second I’m thinking about creating a 6x rx 470 rig should i go with it ?

Third I can set up my rig 3 weeks later this is soonest time for me with this time i will mis the early time’s profit (I can’t build sooner because i invested my money in other projects) Is it okay?

Fourth Should i use ethOS or can i use win7 or 10 stabile or what linux OS and miner any recommendations ?

Fifth Should i oc cards or lower the voltage of cards in my country electricity cost nearly 0.14 cents for KW

And lastly I can afford i7 4790k’s or e3 and e5’s should i go with any of them or should i stick with cheaper cpu.

Thanks in advance ^^

I say go for it. All else fails you point your miners to ETH.

Thanks for answer bro I'm thinking about the same thing.

No advice on what to build, except to use caution, you never know how much optimization will take place CPU vs GPU or amd vs nvidia over the next few days, much less weeks. Keep an eye on various development threads for miners to watch for new trends.

As for the price, it sounds like you have a backup plan, and that's a good thing. I expect the price to crash hard. Zcash has a lot of promise medium and long term for a lot of reasons, but the supply is going to grow much faster than the practical uses. So once the speculators and some early adopters have acquired what they need and artificial scarcity driven by the slow start eases up, the price has to plummet.

I've been wrong before, so take that with a grain of salt, but if you're in this for short term gain definitely vet your backup plan thoroughly.

yes build more
do NOT use ethOS, those guys are scum leeches and lots of people say they get scammed by them and their OS stops working (key revoked)
use Ubuntu + Zogminer, and Zog is releasing ZogOS so you can use that... it will just cost about 1 ETH. and its the best miner available right now.
or wait for claymore then use windows or linux if he releases both versions.

How are you going to use a 6700k and run 6 GPUs? you can NOT run 6 GPUs on a Z170 board.... were yo uaware of that?

Thanks for your kind advices mate.I also agree with you for expecting a hard price drop in my opinion founder benefits seems a little shady.
I'm working on few projects they have good earning also but they are trade base earnings so I'm looking for a monthly earning and as you said money or time doesn't a problem for me atm so if price drop i can go with eth or wait a little more for roi.

Thx for your reply mate I just watched your video really nice job!.
Thanks for os and miner recommedation.

It's 5 am in here I mistakely wrote i7 6700k I will edit it to i7 4790k thanks for warning

Thanks :slight_smile:
and no problem, yeah 4790K or E3 1231 v3 sounds good, one of my youtube buddies just bought it though and had problems starting up his system so waiting to hear back about that and waiting to find out sol/s on the E3... if its as good as I think it is will probably get one myself

and ive been up all night, 10 am here and probably woke up at around 5pm yesterday so I know how it feels... and probably wont get back to sleep until late this afternoon..... my days have been like this for 2 weeks now :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

FWIW I'm pro-Zcash and even pro-founders reward. There are other ways to fund something like this, but I don't see this as being any worse than any other way. And given that Zcash wants to break into the financial sector, a very corporate organizational structure could be an especially good fit.

But even the company and founders have warned people about the volatility in pricing that could result from the unique supply curve brought on by the slow start. Anything could happen and you don't have to be suspicious of anyone or anything to be cautious about what the market will look like in 3-6 weeks or months.

Good luck =)

Breaking usual sleep scheme too long is dangerous bro just warning lol.
I'll support you with my first paycheck from my rigs because I'm gonna build them with your low energy cost guide keep that job runnin' :slight_smile:

I'm suspicious about price speculations and this %20 cut in early years. But I just heard this project yesterday and learning about it for 2 days maybe this is why I suspicious also It's not my job to said anyword to founders or funders with lacking information. GL to you too :slight_smile:

yeah... I haven't really had a sleeping pattern for years... it kinda rotates from night to day sleeping as the days pass... I tend to always stay awake for longer than the average person, and I am a night person so.... if i get back to a "normal" sleep time I quickly end up back to staying up all night... but yeah these days i have been staying up extra long to try to keep up with all the changes in ZCash... another week or so I suppose and things will more or less calm down and settle... but my sleep still will never be normal.

well im building another rig this week so :slight_smile: I should have another How to Build video coming up LOL have fun building yours. ttyl, gotta boot to windows and make a video :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm a night person too but i intend every night sleep early but can't sleep before 6 am I have a class in university 3 hours later lol.
Take care man I'm waiting to see your next video. cya :slight_smile:

I have an e3-1231 and it only gets 15 sols or so