SMOS 1080ti error

I have a rig running with 1080ti Gaming OC 11g x3 fans SMOS
Im keep getting this error
there is no screen to be attached matching miner

It’s not an “erro” due to the card. The rig appears on SMOS website? if So set a Rig Group

It apeears but I see only 10 of my 12 cards
and the sol/s drop drom 750 to 600 after a hour

Check the risers it should detect the 12 cards without issue.

About the sols/s drop, do you have any OC?

Core : +125
Memory: +600
Power: 250
Fan: 70%

I’m pretty sure that the drop of sols/s if because OC. my 1080ti have this stable OC:

+100/+800 200W - 700sols/s - stable
Fans: 50%
Temp: 70%

Note: every single card is different and you should test the limits of every card.

First try to change OC settings, if that doesn’t help, change riser. In my case, risers are almost allways part of problem.

The problem is when I try to add more than 8 GPUs

Under 8 GPU everything is fine, after I go higher I get this error or missing gpu or even sol/s drops

try booting from this pendrive os

it might help with local oc, and risers, debugging