Solved: MSI Z170A SLI PLUS - 1 to 6 GPU Problem

First of all this thread has been really helpful, thanks!

I am trying to build a rig with

Motherboard: MSI Z170 SLI PLUS
GPUs: 4x GigaByte GeForce GTX 1070 Windforce OC
RIsers 6c
PSU: Seasonic SSR-1200PD
CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 Processor

I can get everything working without the GPU s. And I have tried what @MiningStarter has suggested even without risers, thinking it might be the problem. Updated the BIOS, changed to “Gen1”. Should I be downloading the drivers of GPU’s before Install them? Also can i connect everything while the computer is running? I assumed no but i read something on this thread to that account. Also trying different ports, different risers, different GPU s. Downloaded Win10 fine and everything, but I get “please power down and connect the pcie power cables for this graphics card”. Also the cable that comes with the PSU doesnt reach to both GPU power and Riser power, can i cross power them with different cables (meaning Cable A to GPU1 power and GPU2 riser and Cable 2 to GPU1 riser and GPU2 power)

Thank you for your help!

I installed my first 1060 by leaving the PCIe setting on Gen3, booting up the system with the graphics card in the x16 slot, and installing the drivers. I then turned off the system, turned off the PSU, plugged the GPU in via the riser cable, and changed the BIOS PCIe setting to Gen1, and Above 4G enabled.

I also have everything set UEFI only, and I set up a UEFI installer USB (I’m running Ubuntu 16.04.2 Server), and I disabled all Windows boot options in the BIOS (which you’ll probably leave the Win10 option enabled).

I am also getting Red light led for vga. Could this be a problem?

@MiningStarter I got my VER006S risers and connected my GPUs… that fixed my issue.

PSA: if you have VER007 (red) risers and your having connectivity issues, chances are that they may be DOA.

I also wanted to add that I also had an issue when I added my sixth GPU. It couldn’t’ be recognized in Windows via USB riser. I am running VERS006S. What I did was take the GPU off of the riser and hook it up directly to the motherboard and attached the other five GPUs that were already recognized by Windows and it finally recognized the last GPU. I only log into my rig via Teamviewer and basically what happened was the RDP session flickered between resolutions for a few minutes and when it finally stopped, I checked the Device Manager. All six of my GPUs were under Display Adapters.

I haven’t taken the sixth GPU on the motherboard and attach it via USB riser yet, but I have a feeling that it will work out anyway. I am currently bouncing between 175MH/s and 180MH/s with EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 FTW’s. I’m pulling about 980W at the wall…not bad for 6 OC GTX 1070 GPUs!

Issue on Z150a pc mate

4G won’t enable because of shitty bios design. What finally worked for me was as followed.

Plug one card directly into motherboard no risers till you get it working right.

On RX480 / 580 I used the 17.4 non WHQL drivers.

Install the bios version 7971v.aa - Don’t get the latest bios.

PEG Gen2 / PCI latency timer to 64 pci bus clocks / 4g enabled

Reboot. Enjoy. Watch pornhub to release all stress endured

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Happy mining.

Hi everyone,

I have some problems too with this motherboard. The same cards work perfectly on an an old MSI z77a G43 motherboard.

First thing i’ve mentioned, that I had to put the original version of the BIOS on my cards back again. When I don’t do that, I will get an code 43 error in the device manager.

I’m currently mining without risers, because my PCI-e 1x risers (v002) are really unstable on this motherboard. On my z77a g43 aren’t. I think these risers have an problem with the PCI-e generation somehow. So there could be an relation between riser version and this motherboard.

This solution worked for me! Thanks MiningStarter!
Now I’m facing problems with Claymore Dualminer on nanopool, but there’s probably a topic here that has the answers…

Hey Guys,

today I finished building my miner. Mainboard is the z170a sli plus and I want to run 6 MSI Gtx 1070.
PSU: EVGA 1200P2 Platinum. Win 10 home.

So my problem is, that not a single card is being recognized and not even the small MSI symbol which is supposed to light up, lights up… I am getting kinda nervous that something is broken. Any tips for me?

Currently trying to flash the BIOS Again.

Are all the GPU’s powered? There should be a cable going from the PSU to each of your cards. Have you tried plugging each card in individually directly into the PCIe slot on the motherboard?

Yes every single card is powered. I will try to connect one of them now directly.

One card works without any problems. Installing drivers atm.

Well after using the risers again same problem. No led are powering on and no card is beeing recognized. Any tips?

Ok so just to clarify here, you tried all 6 GPU’s individually in the machine and they all work? Have you tried adding cards in one by one or are you plugging them all in and starting the machine? Is 4G enabled in the BIOS? There’s a lot of steps to go through to determine where the actual issue lies. You just have to have the patience to go through them all!

Here’s what I would do:

  • Try each GPU on it’s own directly plugged into the motherboard. This ensures all GPUs are in fact fully functional.
  • If all cards work individually, I’d start plugging in GPU’s on risers 1 at a time. If it doesn’t work immediately I’d use the same GPU and change the riser. If you make it through all of the risers you have and none of them work, you’re either extremely unlucky with a whole batch of bad risers or there’s something wrong with your motherboard. Try another slot on the motherboard as well for the risers.
  • You may also want to try different cables (USB, Molex connectors etc) as they could be defective.

My main concern would be to ensure all the GPU’s actually work personally. You don’t need to uninstall/reinstall the drivers if they’re all the same GPU’s. Just power down the machine, take out the GPU, insert another one and then turn it back on.

  1. take off all GPU
  2. put only 1x GPU + 1x riser and test
    2.1 if not ok, with same GPU try another riser
  3. if ok, install/reinstall LATEST nVidia drivers (with 1x GPU + 1x riser)
  4. shout down your rig and put all GPU => restart
  5. if you have crash, try this:

Hey nekkidtruth

thank you for this tipps. I will try them out tomorrow.

But one question. I am currently concerned that my BIOS Windows 10 configuration is carbage and therefore the risers simply dont work.

Here some facts. I run windows 10 home (not as UEFI)(is win10 pro required?)
Whenever I change to 4G mode or the PEG0 and PEG1 to Gen1 Windows will not boot.

Thank you

So, now I adjusted my Windows to Win 10 pro and installed it as uefi. Booting works now with PEG0 & PEG1 to Gen1. But still, the cards do not power on.

Funny question but are your riseres powered on?

Yes via Mole. But there are Vers 888 I am considering to buy Vers 006 ones.

Luckily i recieved a couple of Vers 006 an hour ago but the problems remain the same.

Anyone some ideas?