Some ridiculously priced rigs showing up

The used market like Craigslist and FB, plus other selling sites rigs are starting to appear. The asking price is stupidly high and I see many relisted a few days later. Just saw someone asking $4500 for a 6 gpu rx 580. Wanted to send the guy a message saying good luck. Calculated the roi and it was 800 days for used equipment!! LOL

P.s. I always do roi based on current conditions as both price and difficulty change over time. And in my opinion any roi over 12 months is ridiculously high. Especially for used equipment. Last summer we were calculating roi at no more than 6 months at lower crypto prices.

It’s kind of a threshold we’re heading towards with the price of cryptocurrency so low and the price of graphics cards so high, calculating a reasonable roi is pretty difficult
When the market eventually turns around (eventually being the operative word), the prices will drop really fast because the time to buy more cryptocurrency than could be mined in a reasonable amount of time will be up
Just a little too greedy (ITS MY PRECIOUS!)

Perhaps the people selling off their full rigs for stupid silly prices a month ago were on to something. Also expect to see lots of cards show up on the market from people late to the game. If someone paid 1000++ for a 1080ti and sees themselves making a buck a day. How long before they look to sell?
Thankfully I was selling zcash between 350 and 550. I have recouped 50% of the cards cost which I consider something of a break even. I could easily sell them for 50% of the cost.


It would be a hell of a deal since I paid close to msrp for 80% of them .