Statement from ZcashCo on Poloniex situation (July 2017)

Wonder if it has anything to do with Alphabay?

Still no news on this issue from Poloniex?:confused:

I really wondering why this thread is so quiet .. some people got stuck 10+ coins there or on transactions.
Dear @zcashcommunity tell when situation going to be solved and what is current status is?


polo seems to have serious problems. unsure there's anything anybody outside polo can do. zcash has always been fine during this "mishap". terrible exchange, but sure they'll eventually fix their issues.


Im waiting for one week. Poloniex and Zcash please made it quicker! Im really nervious about this problem!

I have 0.9 something ZEC in flypool, waiting for poloniex to get their shit together. Is it somehow possible to get it transferred to any other address or not really ?

[POLONIEX POSSIBLE INSOLVENCY ALERT] My Poloniex account was "hacked" a month ago. They are holding my $70,000 and won't answer ANY support requests.

As has been said many times, the Zcash team have no connection to Polonex and can't do anything to fix this problem.

Yes, i think everybody understand that. But considering quietness and bare updates on topic i dont see that situation is worriyng Zcashco either, like its normal workflow .. blocked? Mmm dunno wattado, go ask Poloniex.
I stopped zcash 280ksol mining/trade untill situation gets cleared out, but who cares.

i have asked nasnopool to transfer the money, they tell me no problem. Just give them another adress.


So no news,no response from Poloniex support..i guess "bye bye" Zec from account is my only option. :frowning:

If you have Zcash on Poloniex then just sell it for bitcoin on the exchange. The ability to withdraw and deposit Zcash has been suspended NOT the ability to sell it or buy it.

If you want out of Poloniex after that then move it out.

As for transactions waiting to be sent from your pool to Poloniex, it clearly states on their website DO NOT USE THEM AS A MINING WALLET. Poloniex told you not to do something, you did it, you now have to take the consequences of your actions. If you are STILL mining to a wallet that is offline, well... SMH.... really?

Do I think they will resolve this, yes. When.... well Poloniex is very slow in resolving issues, so I'll go out on a limb and say they may have it fixed around the time AMD releases RX Vega.


Poloniex fixed similar Litecoin wallet problem in two hours. But litecoin team was really into it.

I've seem them fix other wallet issues as well in a few hours up to several days. I've seen a few coins completely removed because of issues on their exchange.
I've also seen posts from ZcashCo Team members saying publicly they have reached out to Poloniex but they (Poloniex) is not communicating back. If Poloniex wanted it fixed, fast, they would have done so. This after all is costing them $$$ (income) in transaction fee's


Except this has nothing to do with the Zcash team. A quick look around here and you'll find that the Zcash team actually reached out to Polo over a week ago and still had not received a response. No other exchange is complaining or experiencing this issue. Add to that, Polo called out the Zcash team in error and still have yet to explain what their actual issue is. Your frustration is pointed in the wrong direction. Your issue is with Polo and that's where the extent of it should stay. Until such a time Polo actually responds with something other than a canned message and or responds to the Zcash team, this is not a Zcash issue.


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I don't doubt something's going on with your stuff. I just don't think its an issue specific to Zcash. If it wasn't for Polo's silly message, most people would be seeking answers directly from the source of their problem (ie. Kraken or Ledger in this case).

There's just a lot of shade being thrown at the Zcash team over that message, when in reality there is no issue with Zcash. Until the Zcash team can confirm an issue, I'll take these issues with a grain of salt. Polo can be thanked for that. Obviously my own experience will play a factor as well and I haven't had a single issue with the zcash4win wallet nor Cryptonator nor with Kraken.


ZEC is back on Polo.

A deposit I made in the time it was offline still hasn't shown up but hoping it will eventually get deposited as the deposit address is the same. Anyone else experience similar?


Yes, I could also see my deposit address appear again, however, deposit that was made days ago has not been credited. Still good news, thanks for your msg.

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Glad to hear it's back up! I would imagine there's a backlog for them though assuming deposits/withdrawals will be passed on to the blockchain properly. One thing to keep in mind as well, they could very well not be entirely synced to the blockchain yet so I would definitely expect some sort of delay.

Although in true Polo fashion I'm sure they won't tell anyone that and or blame the Zcash team for missing funds :wink: