Supernova zcash pool down and rewards are off

as first time using supernova to mine with im already dissapointed.

site has been down for zcash alot of times now and i have been mining for around 24h with constant, yes constant 1180 mh/s - 4 gpu’s pulling 280-290 each.

i see the hashrate on the site, seems to be correct.

but today after site being down etc i see that my rewards and unconfirmed are only about 55% of what i should have earned in 24 hours.

24 hours should earned around 0.0150
what i got is 0.00
70 so im just half way there.

the times are correct, if it is 23 hours or 25 or 22 or 20 doesn’t really matter if the payments are off with 50%, where the hell is the rest of my coins.

im probably gonna switch to a real pool soon, atleast when this site goes down it does not pay you the extra back, if dwarfpool are down on the website vise and stats but not the mining server it still gives you everything back correctly.

according to other sites it also seems like they had issues with the pool, but i know dwarfpool will give you the payments and rewards back.

1150 mh/s more or less constant.

I mined with suprnova a lot, and rewards are, or, were very good. Although some minor server problems due to ddos attacks on it, everything seamed to be going fine.

You said your rewards should be 0.015, but you have to keep in mind, rewards are more or less luck, and luck is a lot more noticeble on smaller pools, like suprnova. But it all evens out in the end, today smaller rewards, next day, bigger… usually how it goes. You can not judge a pool by just mining 24 hours on it, you would need a sample size of at least a week, more or less.

You could see pool stats here:

how’s it based on luck when its earned shares from the block that you mine?

isn’t it POW?

Hey guys, I’ve been mining for like 13 days noe and up to the 11th day, everything was going as supposed. But lately, I got very low rewards and my share rate is also very low, I don’t know wether that’s related or not.
I used to do 0.033 a week and today I did just 0.0012 :confused:

Any idea what’s going on?

I change to flypool better rewards

imo difficulty went up because the price jumped from 200$ to 400$ at one point during the last 7 days

Just like that? I thought that diff was a thing of usage and market cap, the more the higher the diff.
I don’t get it…things were going smooth evet since I started a couple of weeks ago and just 2 days ago just because the price jumped I get to make less profit? :expressionless:

im not totally sure, but couple days ago when i woke up and saw the Zec at an 350€ pricerange i also saw that my daily coin reward went from 3,5 cents to approx 2.5 cents per day.

Here is the difficulty chart

Luck means actually finding the blocks.

If the pool finds the block in 8 hours, your rewards won’t be bigger, it will still be your share of the work on that block, so it depends on how often the pool you mine with finds the blocks. Flypool is the biggest one, but offers the smallest rewards (duh, because your sharerate is the smallest in that pool), but they are more often.

And yes, you are seeing much lower payouts because of the difficulty spike as well. The rise in difficulty was because more people decided to mine the coin, that’s it.

what i dont get is how the difficult goes up but your hashrate stays the same so…

with bitcoin and other coins, the difficulty vent up and your hashrate vent down, resulting in lower income.

but if you still have the same hashrate that shouldn’t be the case.

@project @AlexComan, thank you guys for helping me understand this more :slight_smile:
I got the point, now I’ve got to decide what to do. Wether I change pools or wait til a month has passed