Suprnova's ZCash Pool

so only had one payment, and i used 5000 sol's from nicehash + 400 sol's was not home so could not redirect hope this is not lost...

Nothing is lost, it's just queued and will be processed ASAP

Okay, most of the invalids have been processed, new blocks has been added as well, Payments have been made and now the dashboard will come within the next hours, thanks for the patience

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payment received ocminer well done. good customer support. Im on the right pool

Great work Ocminer,thanks for updates

Damn, it's still down and no payment.

i see payments but get the feeling its not correct, atm i only see about 0.06 in inconfirmed while that 5000 sol's + 400 sols only got me this for like 8 hours ?? hope this still corrects... else this was some verry bad luck

Last accounted block was 5h ago but the database is still catching up as we found some blocks during this time already, you'll see them credited soon

My dashboard hasn't showed any hashrate or miners connected for hours but the miners are working. It sounds like other people are seeing something on the dashboard though. Should it be blank while the database is getting caught up?

Yes just give it some time,we are still mining and getting paid,stats will update when Ocminer has everything updated and in sync.

Yes, the dashboard is currently out of service because the old rounds need to be processed. Once the processing is done it will be running again

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are we still mining? co'z i rent a rig!

Any status? Haven't gotten a real payout in close to 24 hours, and the pump is going down

So the 1% fee is back even though we could not see the dashboard and withdraw for like 10 hours?

Cant you extent the time since it was down for so long?


I finally got a bunch of payments, just eyeballing looks like I didn't really lose anything. Don't want to math though :slight_smile:

im mining for 3 hours and got 0.000 zec also unconfirmed is 0.000, how long does it take?

I too have noticed that I have not earned anything for the past couple of hours.

I did get my payout but I am not seeing any confirmed or unconfirmed balances appearing in the Dashboard.

i hope it gets better soon, coz im only mine using rig rentals

I'm having same issue. Got all my back pay from last nights ddos. Now I don't get new transactions. Hope I didn't waste $100 :expressionless:

Now I’m seeing this which gives me hope that they’re fixing the issue