Titan V near 1000sol/s

after few optimization for titan v, this card can handle near 1K sols/s.

it’s still have 20% potential left.


@smartbitcoin Wow, nice! How are the temps?

temp: 64C,
power: 180W
clock: 1600
mem: 2000

For the low low price of 3K!!!

very nice but price too high my question Titan XP is good for mining Zec ? how soil/s between GTX 1080Ti?

great! second life for a expensive card!

Titan xp is pascal. Titan v is volta. Pascal is ILP. Volta is TLP. Titan xp maybe 10% better than 1080ti.

Hi smartbitcoin I just bought some titan xp. Do you overclock the titan xp exactly the same as a 1080ti? So far I am getting 15% more sol than my Zotak mini 1080ti

My test is titan V , not xp and I don’t have a xp yet.

I assume titan xp should have same OC setttings as 80ti, what’s your sols? around 850 ?

What miner are you using?

Here are my results with EWFB. The first two cards are Titan V’s, but the third one is a Titan X (Pascal). Temps are higher as they’re installed one above another in a closed case.

This is at 76% power draw. Can’t go higher than that. MSI afterburnes says the limit is due to “no load”. As you mention there’s a potential for at least 20% better performance.

How much power usage you rig?

Mine is around 800W, but I’m also CPU mining Monero with a Threadripper CPU on 14 cores.

Very good power consumption i sale this week my two rig and build 4x Titan V

If you still have access to that Titan V, could you do me a favor and try establish the very first sub-second run of Cuckoo Cycle? See this report for background:

np, I’ll try it tomorrow and post the result.

why burning your card? better to keep power less to have lower temp.

Hi tromp. I’d like to help, though I’m not sure what should I run. I’m typically using Windows, but can switch to Linux if needed. Have VS 2010/2017 installed.

Hi INJurer! On Linux, run

git clone https://github.com/tromp/cuckoo.git
cd cuckoo/src
make libblake2b.so cuda30
./cuda30 -r 10

and note the fastest Time among the 10 nonces…


~/dev/cuckoo/src$ ./cuda70 -r 10
TITAN V with 11GB @ 3072 bits x 850MHz
Looking for 42-cycle on cuckoo30("",0-9) with 50% edges, 128*128 buckets, 192 trims, and 64 thread blocks.
Using 2680MB bucket memory and 21MB memory per thread block (4036MB total)
nonce 0 k0 k1 k2 k3 a34c6a2bdaa03a14 d736650ae53eee9e 9a22f05e3bffed5e b8d55478fa3a606d
trim completed in 1015 ms
2-cycle found
4-cycle found
26-cycle found
40-cycle found
16-cycle found
findcycles completed on 60236 edges
Time: 1021 ms
nonce 1 k0 k1 k2 k3 be6c0ae25622e409 ede28d78411671d4 74ffaa51c7aa70ac 2ab552193088c87a
trim completed in 1016 ms
4-cycle found
390-cycle found
1006-cycle found
282-cycle found
findcycles completed on 53035 edges
Time: 1020 ms
nonce 2 k0 k1 k2 k3 543485efe8555e24 2d56d531df445967 821a4361f6f57e4 2eefbb55f1490553
trim completed in 1015 ms
210-cycle found
996-cycle found
findcycles completed on 56618 edges
Time: 1021 ms
nonce 3 k0 k1 k2 k3 5d869ae27494696c cbd3d38a013269 ba7c8d12fef80ffc 955b4761ba671c90
trim completed in 1018 ms
10-cycle found
124-cycle found
findcycles completed on 53062 edges
Time: 1023 ms
nonce 4 k0 k1 k2 k3 8f593cc09c669cb9 8f050519b946b0a 51e5183ef55c246f e2c928f1b6fcd8c0
trim completed in 1018 ms
2-cycle found
findcycles completed on 57073 edges
Time: 1023 ms
nonce 5 k0 k1 k2 k3 799e44a827e86345 2fb8339b6210d9ae bc1499774d8b80d5 672972b5c29e3401
trim completed in 1012 ms
2-cycle found
28-cycle found
142-cycle found
604-cycle found
findcycles completed on 51565 edges
Time: 1017 ms
nonce 6 k0 k1 k2 k3 848726caa726cb62 99ef1cb697424e37 7a588cccbdf97a19 d2322df1b4982e77
trim completed in 1019 ms
24-cycle found
58-cycle found
30-cycle found
142-cycle found
findcycles completed on 57345 edges
Time: 1024 ms
nonce 7 k0 k1 k2 k3 e1a9db0a3c0febde 5217c17370e90996 876375a3b56f19cc 288821230e8bc959
trim completed in 1019 ms
4-cycle found
6-cycle found
304-cycle found
findcycles completed on 57710 edges
Time: 1025 ms
nonce 8 k0 k1 k2 k3 e887f5b75a21ee32 93f2db86af87b9ce c4effacacf573e88 5a41208f467f8e41
trim completed in 1017 ms
14-cycle found
40-cycle found
findcycles completed on 50556 edges
Time: 1021 ms
nonce 9 k0 k1 k2 k3 5952591849c8c5f7 fdf6b4aa3335fad5 fb11814cb76c01b4 c7405dbe8c2433a3
trim completed in 1017 ms
2-cycle found
58-cycle found
144-cycle found
findcycles completed on 55830 edges
Time: 1022 ms
0 total solutions