Using an old ETH rig to mine?

Is this possible? I mean it was used for eth prviously but now use to mine zcash?

if they are supported by the miner softwares,yes you can

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You’ll have to wait for the AMD miners to be ready. Right now there is genoils and that one maybe works

But the cards will work right? I mean you might need to modify a little but should work?

Yes they will work

With GPUS you can mine anything… even Bitcoin

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yes you just change software/miners.

Im using previous (shouldnt really say “old”) ETH rigs to mine ZCash now

the modded bios memory timings for 470’s and 480’s give much better results than stock when mining ZCash also, so if you flashed your bios no need to flash back :slight_smile: you are good to go.

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Have you got a guide for noob please?

Lots ::slight_smile: but maybe wait until after launch today as I will be updating everything with all the new miners and zcash account updates which will be needed to mine.

Do you use linux? you kind of need a linux installation right now to use the ZCash wallet.
If not, you can find lots of tutorials online now, otherwise I should have one up for miners in a couple days (after I finish updating videos for all the pools/miners/zcash software)

I hope the videos help, if you do find them helpful please sub :slight_smile:

I wont be getting any sleep tonight LOL

Thank you and yes iv got linux but thinking of using a previous eth rig to mine too :slight_smile: