Virgin Miner Here with Zcash4win problems - Closed


Trying to get my first mining machine up and running.

Hardware: 7700k processor with 1080ti video card.

Started on this website:

Downloaded my latest video drivers and then went to to download the client

Downloaded the client successfully and started it to downloading the proofing key.

Here is where I ran into a problem

Seems like I am not the only one with this problem but I never found a solution.

Help please

So I read in another support thread more about this issue and was able to use command prompt to get the “blockchain”??? Downloading.

Had to create a config file in appdata as well that was missing before it would start downloading.

Will update once this process finishes. Its at 2000 now and needs to be at 183000 or around about.

Install cryptonator on your mobile… create a Zcash address… and mine there… you don’t need to download blockchain to start mining… fix these errors after you start mining… :wink:

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What you are doing is absolutely not required if you just want to mine…

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Ok now I am really confused. How is installing a app called cryptonator on my phone going to help me with mining on my windows 10 system?

That does not make any sense to me at all

You need a Zcash address which is provided by a wallet … what you are trying to do is to install a desktop based wallet … Cryptonator is a mobile based wallet and you get a Zcash address for mining…

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I think part of your confusion is perhaps you think the zcash4win wallet is how you mine? If that’s the case, that would be incorrect. While the wallet itself can mine, it’s not really how you would mine. The wallet only uses your CPU which Zcash has long surpassed as a viable mining option. So if you are expecting zcash4win to mine using your GPU, that’s not quite how it works.

The zcash4win wallet is certainly an option to store your ZEC when you start mining from a pool, but it’s not absolutely necessary. You can mine just as easily to Cryptonator if you don’t want to run your own wallet software. If you do, then just wait until it finished syncing.

As for your GPU, if it’s AMD based Claymore is your best miner and if you have an nVidia card EWBF would be the miner to use.

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It seems the virginity was lost a while back… :smile:

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No, I knew I’d have to download separate mining software, I just wanted to get a wallet and account set up first.

As for the syncing…we will see. My primary internet went down that night due to hurricane issues not even in my area and still has not come back up. Will have to wait until then to do the syncing of the zcash4win wallet.

I’ll probably be using this computer some for stuff requiring the cpu so I doubt I’ll use my cpu in any way to mine.

I don’t really want a mobile wallet either. I want on on my pc that I can backup and stash in a few places so I never loose it. My phone could get destroyed any day now because of kids. lol

They are not so hard on my pc. ;lol

Thanks for the help though

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No, alas the cherry is still there, I have yet to mine a drop. lol

The wallet has installed properly and is now updating through the GUI. Consider that part of support closed.

Now what? The app does not come with a manual.

Wallet is installed, miner is up and running. Now we wait and see

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