What are you Watching?

Ooo…an antenna person!

Working on a yagui array idea, monstrous thing that might just pull in a decent 3g signal.
UTMS B2 (1900MHz) - Quad 15 element


Thats cool! Ive got about 300’ of 14 or 16 ga, Im thinking a dipole V elevated over my wood fence about 12-15 feet, furthest away from stuff design
Or a longwire run diagonal across my yard high up a tree, same-ish length but higher but unbalanced signal requires a toroid
Dipole needs a lil more mounting hardware so ya know always trade-offs, I am not sure of the actual lengths I can attain just yet but hopefully optimally 171 feet
The previous tenants were also kind enough to leave their satellite dishes so I’m going to play with those too!


Tonight we watched The Blackcoat’s Daughter. It was a good slow-burn horror movie until the very unsatisfying end. My fiancé disagrees though — he thought it was great.


Suddenly realised I haven’t seen Mr.Robot Season 3 yet - yaaay !!

Edit: Watched it, brilliant


If you liked Hackers and dont mind subtitles (German movie). Try watching Who Am I: No System Is Safe. Very fun movie.


Oh man, just saw this on Twitter:

As a “Breaking Bad” and “Better call Saul” fan, this is exciting. Looks to be closing the chapter about what happened to Jesse after Breaking Bad ended.


I’ve never actually watched it but I found out the other day that the guy who plays the main character was also Zordon!

Did you know there’s more episodes of Power Rangers than of Doctor Who?! No small feat

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Hype is real!

Quality over quantity


You’ll be happy to know that the Mech fights at the end are still guys in big plastic and foam suits!

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Are y’all into anime?


only if cartoons count - I have the entire Roadrunner/Coyote collection archived somewhere


Only “Cat Soup” and Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie

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Akira is essential, foresake all others! :laughing:

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yes please!

cowboy bebop absolute favorite.

inuyasha, full metal alchemist (both), dragon ball, death note, sword art, one piece, naruto, future diary
and many more.

naruto and one piece not entirely, but one of my sisters is really into them so I’ve followed along (~300 episodes of each)

I haven’t been watching much anime in the past 2-3 years, the lastest series I’ve seen has been “one punch man” but that was a quick watch.

What anime do you enjoy sonya?

Movies lately I’ve seen Alita: Battle Angel (7/10), Aladdin (nostalgia 8/10, overall 4/10), Downsizing (8/10), Avengers end game (3000/10 :P, 8/10), Shazam (5/10), Murder Mystery (6.5/10, i had a chuckle)

Cartoons: Spiderman: into the multiverse (9/10), Next Gen (7/10), Ralph breaks the internet (6/10), cars 3 (7.5/10), Lego movie 2 (8/10)

Series: on the next episode xD

Soooo… I’m lucky (,honored and privileged) to work from home


I mostly like Evangelion and Planetes


y’all are a far more eclectic bunch than I thought :slight_smile:

(EDIT: suddenly realised the word “y’all” has crept into my vocabulary, which I’m going to blame on y’all)


Macross Plus the Movie is what we know as Robotech and this is the probably the most badass Robotech youll find
Heres the non subtitled 1080p
Heres the youtube version with subtitles Espanol, its divided into its original 4 parts
Also heres my antenna design hehe


My favorites, in no particular order: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Attack on Titan (but I haven’t watched the latest season yet!!!), Vash the Stampede, Ghost in the Shell… although it fell off in the last season, Baccano!, and I recently started watching Cowboy Bebop but I’m loving it so far.

I feel like I’m probable forgetting a bunch of good anime, but maybe they’ll come to me later.

@ChileBob I say y’all, so you might have picked it up from me :stuck_out_tongue:


how could I forget these two gems.

i’ve tried to watch attack on titan different times, it just doesn’t capture my attention…

++ anime

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Also near & dear to my heart is Avatar: The Last Airbender. I haven’t watched Legend of Korra, and I’ve heard pretty mixed reviews of it.

Also <3 Miyazaki movies, but who doesn’t lol