What do I enter for Host, Port, RPC Username, RPC Password

I am running ZecWallet v.0.6.11 on a Mac. I understand that the first time it runs it will download the entire blockchain and this takes a really long time. (I’m at 2% after 3 hours).

My purpose is simply that I want to send some ZEC I have in a paper wallet to an exchange. Firstly, do I need to wait for my node to fully sync before I can import a private key and send my ZEC?

In the meantime I’m trying to bypass this by using an external node. I have finally been able to locate and delete my zcash.conf file. But now I can’t find a list of hosts anywhere? That is, what can I enter into zcashd connection settings for Host, Port, RPC Username, RPC Password.

Thanks for your help.

If you want to use shielded address (starts with z) then you don’t have any other option (currently) than to run a full node - and yes you’ll need to wait until the node is fully synced before sending.

It’s quite probable if you are using a paper wallet that you are using a transparent addresses and if you want to send to another t address then there are loads of options that do not require running a full node and you can import a private key and send instantly - see the list here Wallets - Zcash.

Gareth, thanks a lot for responding.

Yes, I am using a transparent address. And yes, from the list you’ve given (Wallets - Zcash) I have chosen Zecwallet.

But again, if I don’t want to wait days for it to sync, how can I use an External Node? That is, once I have deleted zcash.conf, what shall I enter into the zcashd connection settings for Host, Port, RPC Username, RPC Password?


ZecWallet is a full node. Try Guarda, Coinomi, Exodus or Jaxx as these are all light wallets but only work with transparent addresses.


Hey there! Guarda Wallet is a great choice for ZEC management. Besides, we will soon (very soon) roll out the z-address to z-address feature on the Mobile version.
Hope you all enjoy and looking forward to your feedback!