What hardware is needed for 1000 H/s (1 kH/s)?

This is just a feel-good number but nevertheless seems like it would be high enough to earn some serious ZEC.

Does anyone reading have a rig this powerful and if so what is it built from? Perhaps you’ll need several to hit that rate.

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about 5 rigs with 6 470’s each rig
add in some i7s or e3 xeons and you can get a bit more
but this could all change after a new miner is released

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Here is a farm set up running zogminer with silentarmy kernel with 5kH/s.

You can run two zogminer’s per card so you can estimate costs based on the number of workers. Each card should supply two workers.

In this example a rack should be running about 4-5 cards for that number. I am not sure of the hardware setup for their racks.


With zog on rx480 you can get 38H/s per card and work out numbers from there.

ive been meaning to test zogminer out in ubuntu, im going to install it and give it a go in the next day on this rig
4-5 cards per rack? whats the total # cards they are using?

I’m not exactly sure what cards are on each rack, probably many different ones, but if you use an estimate of 38H/s on an rx480 with zog you can kind of estimate what you could do on a 5-6 card rig.

Also zog will reflect any improvements made in kernels since it is open source. The silentarmy kernel dev says he can hit 100H/s on one rx480, but i am not sure how optimistic that is

what does zog give on modded 470?
i wanted to try it out yesterday but kept getting stuck up with other stuff and I need to reinstall ubuntu on this thing and the amd drivers etc…

looking forward to 100 on 480 8g

claymore says he thinks he can get at least 100 on a 390

Not sure about modded but I think i’ve heard reports of it doing about the same as a 480. I have only tested 480’s in my lab so I’m not sure.

coool, yeah from my experience there really is no difference in speeds between 470 and 480, even 4g vs 8g

and to run zog is this the correct command

./src/zcash-miner -G -stratum=“eu1-zcash.flypool.org:3333” -user=t-addrhere -password=x

will that work on flypool if I put my actual t-addr in t-addrhere ?

sounds like buying a few RX 480’s would be a good starting point. what about motherboard, cpu, ram, etc? Just any mid to high end mobo and cpu (i7) with 16+ gigs of memory?