When should I worry about internet speed?

Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows how much kilobytes per second is needed per mining rig with 6 gpus(my logic goes: more gpus = more jobs done sooner = more requests = more internet used)?
I have 1 megabyte download and 100 kilobyte upload speed.

Your logic should be correct. My 6x 1080ti used abt 100MB every 24 hours. I’m using SIM card on HSPA, which gives a theoretical upload speed of 5.7Mbps and there isn’t any problem. You might have to try and error to find out the actual speed requirement.

You should choose the nearest pool location for better speed. I used 4G LTE-A simcard with wifi router. Around 40-80Mbps. The latency is as low as possible.

Thanks for replies but im connected via LAN and dont use one SIM per PC.