Wholesell of Antminers s9 13.5TH/S Whit PSU

Minersglobal.com - Reliable and trustworthy supplier of Antminer, GPU and Industrial Mining rigs.
They can ship to anywhere in the world whether you want 1 or 2001 they are specialists in bulk supply of S9’s using numerous Bitmain distributors in Europe and Asia.
Minersglobal.com are able to keep costs down by stocking bulk quantities

Order Antminer s9 13.5 Th/s Whit PSU And get disccount
In stock: 1000 Antminers s9

Price for one unit 2000$
buy more than 10 units and get 1900$ per unit

Free shipping whit fedex in 3-6 days


You probably wont find too many interested people here seeing as this is a ZCash forum and you can’t mine ZCash with ASICs.

Yes mybee. But we are able to supply GPU.s too

What country is the stock held in ?

Stock are Chaina offcorse

Very suspicious website (no company information and whatsoever) BUT I see paypal witch does offer some pretty great insurance (garantee no money loss)

Are you @kurmis738 related with their business? Or are you a costumer?

Im one off owners and resellers.

Whois report on the domain:

The domain was registered on March 7th 2018, and you joined here one day ago. Sorry, but with lack of information, this looks fishy. If you’re legit, great! If you’re here to run a con, don’t bother. I find it highly unlikely you have stock of 1080ti’s as well.

@phakov if you want see proofs of stock be free to pm me . and i will provaid all necesery information…

why does someone have to pm you? Just openly post the information.

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1080ti’s are not gpus…

A Nvidia 1080ti is most certainly a GPU (graphics processing unit)

directly from Nvidia website

“The GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti is NVIDIA’s new flagship gaming GPU, based on the NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture.”