Why don't we see increases in CPU miners?

I was interested in Zcash before launch because I thought CPU’s would have a chance, but clearly not going to be the case unless you have a serious powerhouse of a machine. I’ll just keep putting money into MAIDSAFE - under development for longer than bitcoin, but will be out in beta in 2017 and more anonymous than anything as it has no blockchain. Anyway, do your own homework and good luck to all, I’m abandoning this ship.

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Good to have you back @cryptomined,missed your input last few weeks :sob:

thanks, always checked in once in a while but kinda got slow on here

Happy New Year @cryptomined, I have flagged and removed your and @dlehenky comments for being off topic.

Please keep the conversation on-topic and respectful.

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sure, i didnt call anyone names… shouldn’t be name calling. shows how low people like that are… can’t handle the truth lol

happy new years