Why don't we see increases in CPU miners?

It does look like a promising alternative and darknet markets are taking notice of monero

and with it added to more exchanges, normal investors and users are noticing it more and more
we can honestly thank ZCash for bringing attention to Monero
due to its anonymity and privacy features
thanks for teaching people why privacy and freedom is good

good times ahead - for monero
can’t say the same for ZCash as this stage unfortunetly…

Couple of months ago 2 million a coin now $33 :joy:

tell me about it… im considering taking the bit I saved and changing it to bitcoin - i saved hardly anything, but at least bitcoin is headed TO THE MOON! maybe i should change it to monero the more I think about it - more upside potential in the next month

bull bitcoin
bull monero
schizo on eth
bearish on ZCash

before I was schizo on ZCash and bearish on eth, but i think eth could bounce back if next year has a good start for eth

To early to tell and miners with gpu bring them food on the table so lets not jump the gun here…gpus will be able to mine it remember the coin is 3 month old not even… And if you did not read or did not have the money to get those gpus sell them now before ETH goes POS because after that they will be worthless

Been doing some reading about zdash and it peaked my interest,you can buy mining equipment with it already and development is great so far

Do you have a link please

A quote from Zdash

"Instead of the founders reward we have a small pre-mine of 0.578% "

Innovation appears to be on par with Zclassic (removal of founders fee and that is it.)

Yet they still premined so it isn’t even as decentralized as Zclassic?

Also they mention loud and clear on their ANN post they are a private version of zcash, which by my estimate has no supporting claim or make sense. What does private mean to them?

Well I think a small pre mine was needed for bounties for software and there trying to develop a windows wallet which would help

And I think a small 20% dev fee for 4 years compared to the lifetime of a currency is a small price to pay for some of the best and most friendly hackers on planet earth.

I was personally invited into the TOR onion office space in Germany by Zooko and got to meet most of the team (str4d excluded). An honor I feel. So maybe I’m biased.

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Some people donate money to get something they never will so it is all the same at the end… You follow the money not the person…

Isn’t this the opposite of the definition of a donation, which is charity, to give without wanting anything in return?

Tis the season, Merry Christmas all or whatever you celebrate!

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You know what I meant

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I know, just wanted a reason to say Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Cheers zminer1

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You too hopefully next time!! What do you say!! M xmax also

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Changing the algo is the same thing as a hard fork. Just ask ETH how that worked out. XMR for the win.

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You don’t have to hard fork to change the algorithm. This has been discussed without the politics by Daira from the zcash team. Not sure how any type of fork could not be a software one since bitcoin is 100% software.

Actually, I was responding to the poster’s ETH reference, and hard fork characterization, not the possible Zcash algo change. Perhaps I should have made that more clear. Time for bed, it seems. :slight_smile:

Preventing GPU mining at this point would kill Zcash. Creating a ‘botnet coin’ has never in the history of crypto been a good idea, and investment in GPU mining gear is a FAR better network insurance than anything else viable.

If you look at the network hash-rate pre-optimized GPU miners and the price movement it’s easy to see that at the early time when AWS/Botnets were exceptionally profitable it was detrimental to the network and coin price.