Windows 10 V.1709 & 9 1080TI's

9+ Nvidia GPU Rig

BioStar TB250 with the latest Bio’s
Windows 10 Pro 64b version 1709 (latest updates)
Pentium processor
8GB Ram
(9) Nvidia 1080 TI Hybrid GPU’s (current driver as of this post)
(1) 1600w PSU, (1) 1300w PSU
Riser - Sata Ver. 007c
Rig is Custom made for Hybrids GPU’s, it was USD $375.00 (providing this because someone will ask)
Once I get permission from vender I will link there website, or if they see this post (because they are active on these forums) they can link their information.

The motherboard will go up to 12 GPU’s, I will get an additional 1200w or 1300w PSU for the additional 3 GPU’s (depending on cost).

I made sure everything was current while running on onboard video, installed first GPU, installed latest Nvidia Drivers, once the GPU was recognized by Windows, I moved display to GPU, shut system down, installed 2nd GPU, started windows, let it install the drivers (each card took about 3-4 minutes) once recognized and verified in the display adapter, click shut down and repeat.

I am posting this for informational purposes that the newest version of Windows 10 pro 1709 has resolved the 8 (of the same manufacture) gpu driver. No tricks, no mods, straight out of the box install.



Nice work! Got a photo of all of them running?

I can’t apply the creators update, it freezes on bootup. Both on a single gtx970 rig and a 1050ti+1080ti rig. Next week, i get another 1080ti online, should be up to 3.2k

you should get that resolved by hitting the reset in the installation through the admin/safemode reinstall option

so you think a clean wipe/reinstall is needed? Seems excessive.

So was going back through old posts and realized I never updated this showing 11 gpu’s and the rig, opps! avg is 8400 H/s

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Very nice! Where did you find the extra 1080 Ti’s?

I got them just before the shortage