Your NOT so daily 1080TI profit report


Up to 87 cents today


Lots of big miners leaving it seems, will be back when the diffi is gone up like hell, so grab those Zcash right now, pedal to the medal :wink:


Daily profit up to 92 cents


Bit of a rally going on most coins 20% off their bottoms. Profit up to 1.07 per day


The rally continues profit up to 1.15


Rally continues. Profit up to 1.31 close to the start of this thread


Price is holding on all cryptos. Don’t know if this is just a head fake, but I could see a drop from here again. 1.24 profit now.


1.42 ladies and cents. Now only 650 or so days to pay of a card. Or 500 days if you got one around msrp


Mine are running at low power and producing around $1.70/day here. What are your settings Daniel?


1.42 now. I am no longer mining zcash. Right now it is more profitable to mine eth as my electric rate can be as high as 20 cents and zcash takes more core clocks. I did have rigs with 900 series cards mining zec, but I had to shut them down as they are very inefficient. Will keep monitoring the situation with the devs.


Just a reminder that this is a Zcash forum and not a gpu-mining general forum.


All profit calculations in this thread are from zcash. Profit per day on a 1080ti is now 1.19 As difficulty has increased with price. I have posted it a few times, but this is the link to the cal that I am using.

If the price keeps rising I may switch my 970s back on soon.


1.74 per day. Highest of this thread as the rally continues.


US Taxes are done, so now everything will start slowly going up.


Thanks for posting the profit rate of a 1080ti just about Every.Single.Day.

J/K sorta :wink:

My educated guess is anyone mining knows how to use an online calculator…


really positive post there Bob. DanielG is doing something nice, taking his time and informing people of something they do not know how to look up or to lazy to do so.

I know how to use the online calculator but I also like seeing this post and measuring his results against my 1080ti’s.

If you don’t like the post, don’t read it. Under where it says bookmark, you can un-track it so that it doesn’t show up in your unread folder.
There was no reason for your post other than to be mean. I nice thing to do would be to delete it, I’ll delete this, as we move on with our lives.


Didn’t mean to ruffle anyone’s feathers but in my world “profit” is what is left over after expenses.

We all have different expenses, consequently what Joe Blow’s profits are are well, meaningless. If you don’t know how to figure out your profits and need to read a random post to figure it out, then you really shouldn’t be mining.

New miners might not know that, and seeing some mythical 'daily profit ’ report is at the very least misleading, especially to someone that has no clue what they are doing.

Sorry that my post offended you and probably others, that was not my intent.

I do appreciate the info on how to un-track a post.


Well this is his daily profit. He has mentioned many times how much his cost of power was above… so… Profit. This thread, at least how I understood it, was to get a general idea on the state of the market and profitability at the time he posts. Go back and look at the times hes posted around $.70 profit/day. Very interesting things were going on the market and since then and the market has since recovered to ~$1.70 profit/day. This brings up some interesting things to think about like what caused this recent jump in profitability. It shows an interesting history of the market. This is not a set in stone profit guide of 1080 tis and I believe this is how you took it @MinerBob . Both your posts came across as this thread was useless and thats why I believe @CitricAcid stated how your posts were just posts to be rude. Not trying to poke the fire here but there is definitely some value in this post.


The rally continues. 1.86 profit per day now.


Little pullback in the rally. 1.80 profit now. I hope price continues to move up, but something tells me we are heading back to the lows. A 3rd retest of the 6k area of bitcoin and another bounce would be extremely bullish. Especially if it is another higher low like 6800 to 7200