Your NOT so daily 1080TI profit report


Big jump to $1.09. There has been a big drop in network hashrate. I know a lot of friends preparing their rigs to move to XMR after the fork. 19 hours and counting. Will be interesting to see. It might even help with Zec if the difficulty drops a lot.


The fluctuations may be high in the next 24 to 48hrs as monero forks


The profitability on most cards I own are so incredibly low that if I had to pay power I would be making next to nothing for profit. On my 280x’s (that my farm mostly consists of) I’d make a good healthy .05 a day :smiley: while on my two 1080s (not ti) I’ll be making 1.65 (.83 each if you dont want to do the math) and thats with .1/kWh


Yup it’s pretty bad. I have had to power down all my older inefficient cards. Where I live we pay 20 cents per kwh in the day peak hours. About 10 cents at night off peak. But 20 cents hurts at these levels. I don’t know if people can mine in Germany @ 35 cents per kwh
Edit - I plugged that in the cal, and in Germany you would be losing 60 cents a day per 1080ti with electricity.


My last payout was an excessive amount of time, there was some strange Network fluctuation I noticed on my hashing record, normally up and down this was just a straight line for about 2 hours so I think it had something to do with that


Still down in the dumps. 78 cents per day


Special alert!
Had to add an update as it has fallen under 70 cents for the first time. 69 cents right now.


consider price drop when gtx20 series release, it should be a time to clear all gtx1080 / 1080ti


Well difficulty will rise when the new cards come. They will probably at least be 30% better. So if the price of zec is still below $200 the ROI on the 10xx will continue to drop. Of course I don’t think as many people will rush out to buy the new cards for mining if they are already well in the hole on their 10xx. Most of them will give up and sell their cards I think. There will come a point of max pain where 10xx will be on the used market for super cheap. Maybe 1080tis for 300 us if coin prices are low. Or people may hold onto them, refusing to sell for a loss.


It’s funny that the network hashrate takes a big dip during the early morning hours eastern time, then ramps up during the day. 430k kh/s now. Let’s see if today is the same and it rises above 530k later today.
Profit back up to 85 cents.


Another special price alert!! Network hashrate has jumped to 575k k/he

Daily earnings from the 1080ti now at 46 cents!! Yes that is less than half a us dollar. Or a 2200 day ROI on a 1000 us card.

I actually had to check
Just to make sure. Although they showed me 49 cents.


Like ever day. Network hashrate falls by 100k kh/s in the evening eastern time. Now at 470k.
Profit 89 cents.
Very interesting trend. Although I don’t think we have seen bottom yet. I am still think of 5k btc and 120 zec


Perhaps some people will move to XMR


Possible it’s 440k now and profit is up to 1.05, but I expect it to climb back to the 500s later today. I think it is the programs like nicehash and simpleminer moving in and out of the coin.


Still only up to 477k so maybe lots have switched to xmr


Netwotk hash Still rising into the evening. I wonder if some people who are in North America and on a tiered electrical rate mine more at night at lower cost since zec requires more core overclock then mem overclock. Core overclock requires more power. For the same dollar return of zec, one of my 1060 rigs has to run at 760w, but on etherum I can get the same return at 550w. Really don’t know how to explain this trend of increasing network rate in the evening and decreasing during the day.


This doesn’t count power but this is with my 1080ti on NH, version, below is with DSTM

This is EWBF



Nice you are getting above 800. I still use 750 in the cal. It’s an avg. Right now 75 cents per day. However, if you switch to the new XMR, you could make about double that for the time being.


I’ve been looking, I have not been able to find any updated Nvidia mining software for XMR. Feel free to PM me if you know of something for Nvidia


There are several that are ready you can do a Google search for xmr miners updated to v7. I also believe that simple miner has updated miners.

It seems like everyone is moving over so I don’t know how long the profits will be 50 to 100% better. But even if it’s just a month, that can be a bit of extra pocket change on a big rigs