Z wallet and official start mining

Hi, i was create two keys, t-addr and z-addr as in this video.

Now i have many questions.
Where manual\guide about install program for mining, and need OS ubuntu or can Windows for mining?
After official start i need again recreate wallets? and from what steps i need begin create wallets? what command will first for again create wallets?
I want manual\guide for install mining program, not only archive, need more info, and if have video like as i show on top this message.
When will be start official mining?


thx, but need recreate wallets when will start? or what?

ok im not certain on this, but I heard in this forum that if you installed RC4 version of zcash your addresses are good on the mainnet, that being said, I don't know myself for sure. if you have an earlier version than RC4 ( that video i created above was done at RC2 time) then you will need to upgrade your wallet, which I will have to post another video on in the next day, after launch.

thanks for watching my vids and posting here :slight_smile:

but what is rc2 and rc4 can u explain?

Is that countdown real or just a joke ? :smiley:

your channel is awesome mate, just subscribed

thanks, i really appreciate it :slight_smile:
SilentArmy Video re-uploading now, had a typo

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what is it mean?

That will probably be the best and most widely adopted miner, once it will be possible to select different pools

So guys, not considering silent army miner at the moment (cause unfortunately it has embedded the 4 zec payout mining pool) what do you think is the best combination of mining software+pool to start with an AMD gpus rig on windows?

is it launched? what miner is that?

thats not "silentarmy" miner, it is eXTremals miner which has integrated silentarmy solver, silentarmy is not a miner, but a solver which will go into miners

genoil, but is forced close... why i don't understand...

I see, thanks for clarifing

Suprnova has a countdown up https://zec.suprnova.cc/index.php

github.com/blackkeyboard/zgenerate creates realnet usable t addresses
unsure why an -rc release would create incorrect or different ones; unless the rc's are locked to testnet?