Z9 performance and general discussion


This is the first time I’ve come across someone inspect the hashing boards to check for differences. Thanks for doing this, Did you say you had photos… willing to upload them?


Received 15 Z9 Mini, all configured via cgminer.conf at 600, I will rise them to 650 soon. One of the Z9 simply IGNORE the given frequency and stay at 500. I really hope the didn’t change anything else.


Batch 3 may not OC at all from what I am reading. One other person has crashes over 500. Batch 3 is not a good deal at all with no OC’ing ,the 25% tariff to the US, only $57 less and some $55 coupons. Compare that to $250 coupons a 40% OC and no tariffs for batch 2.


Maybe I received a preview of that. But it doesn’t crash at all. It simply ignore it and keeps running at 500.

We need someone who dares to change the firmware :grin:


Editing the config file doesnt even work?


No way. I load it…and it mines at 500. If I download it, it says 600. Consider, I’ve used the same file for 15 machines, just changed worker’s name and IP address. 14 are fine, 1 isn’t.


What’s the build date?


Is it written somewhere? I received the machine 2 days ago here in Shenzhen, they may be a “fresh” production


Did you try the May firmware? I downloaded a copy before it was taken down.


I got access to a tool that can change the frequency and voltage of antminers.
I would like to try with higher voltage for settings above 650

Anybody has info how much voltage is used on the batch 1 Z9 minis at 750 frequency?
I don’t want to try it blind, lol.


Where is this “tool”? Can you read what the voltage is now?


No, i only can read the frequency with this tool, but it has an option to change the volatage and the frequency on antminers. It’s an old Bitmain tool that seems to be used for mass changing frequency, voltage, stratums and updating ALL miners in a given range…

The name is BitmainMinerTool V0.23 in case you want to try it out yourself.


No I didn’t, that could be a one way ticket to some bad bad destination :grinning:
Someone with more units than me should afford a similar test.


Then you will have to find someone with a multimeter to try it.


I’ve upgraded 3 machines to 675, working fine 1 hour.


Ok, 2 are doing good. Had to bring back 1 at 650 because one board kept failing. But it worth to try it.


If you aren’t against “voiding your warranty” then make sure you identify which hash boards are crashing and put them all in the same miner. Run the thoroughbreds in the same box.


,the board run fine at 650. No need to dismount anything.


I put one at 656, running since yesterday, no issues at all.


…well, 650 or 656 doesn’t make that difference. I’m wondering if those running fine at 675 may go higher…tomorrow I will push it at 700