Z9 performance and general discussion


not? ah ok so I gonna put mine at 643 LOL


holy moly, antpool was 3rd/4th until couples of hours ago in zcash hashrate and they jumped and passed flypool at 1st place…and mean while I was writing they went back to 2nd place:


Dat Z9 big batch coming online


Where are you getting the higher hash rate, or the higher payout? These are two machine in Slush

But some in Antpool look like better performing.


I am not getting higher hashrate not even higher payout, I never said that. antpool was taking over, but now it is back at where it was. just follow the link i posted. there you even see the graphs for the single pools.


I know you didn’t say that and I didn’t say you did it :grin:

I would only like to make a comparison, with our rate to find out the best options.


Question. I’ve never done something like that…but i could do it this time. I have no noise problem at all, and I will improve the ventilation system withing this week. I’ve set up the fan at 95%, all the Miners are at 650 or 675. Do you think it could harm the fans keeping like 6000 rpm per minute constantly?


Vibration and bearing wear increases with fan speed. Harm it? Not at all. Reduce the lifespan? Yep but probably not enough to matter.


completly useless to run them at 6k, except if your machines are in a desert


Not in a desert but OC and still not at the best as room airflow and, no isn’t useless to keep a silicon chip at 60*. Not at all if we wanto to talk about lifespan and performances…


Anything better than 70C is perfectly acceptable. You could dial it down a bit and be just fine.


I guess Insillicon is delayed 3 days due to an internal finance team putting a wait on shipping


Look, one is 90% and the other is 95%. We are in Shenzhen…not a desert but bloody hot!


alright then, I take it back. those are server room fans so they should be able to last at those speeds, if it’s not too humid where you have them placed.


Humind is my main problem until Friday. That day I will have two 40.000 CMH exhaust fans running and window sealed. Now I have an open window and a 20k one trowing air outside…


I just can not find a USB-PMBUS controller. All VRM parameters can be read / set by the controller. Is there anyone who knows where you can buy such a controller or a circuit for self-assembly?

Probably, USB - I2C contoller will approach also
I will be happy with any information.


PMBus is I2c physical interface if I’m remembering right. But it has its own set of specifics for standard data locations etc.

The company that makes the controller has their own (absurdly expensive) pmbus controller that owrks with their software.

PowerNavigator GUI

This software, with very little effort, will let you download the entire configuration from the VRM, modify just what you want to, and then upload it again.

There are cheaper ways of doing it, but this one is easy.

The main core voltage converter is:

with integrated switching fets and drivers:


I have this programm(PowerNavigator GUI), but now I need dongle to conecting to VRM on hashboard and reading/changing it modes. It is main reason of no OC z9 mini b2/3
Cheapest USB PMBUS i found only on Taobao. About 150$
May be simple USB I2C dongle will be enough, may be not.


Our miners are running pretty stable at 681.