Z9 performance and general discussion


Well…it says 1h 18’, isn’t a bit early to talk about stability? Please tell if it keeps being stable and what hash rate the pool does recognize.



Running for 10hrs now at 15.06 avg and getting 15.23 KSol on the pool. We have similar figures on the rest of our miners.


15K as avg if good, may I ask you the used pool?


By the way, nice configuration…really. Good OC, good Hashrate, moderate fan speed and cool chip! Good job…


if ASIC’s wouldn’t be obsolete so early I would rent a freaking server room


This is how one of our 650 is doing

I will wait for the new exhaust fans before go higher…


We run our miners in a Tier 3 DC so we can provide best cooling / power for the devices.




What a neat job! Respect sir!


Sure, the Z9M environment is running on https://mining.luxor.tech/ at icmp_seq=1 ttl=49 time=9.30 ms


Understood, that’a 3% fee one, am I right?


They have a 0% promo running:


Which method did you use? Firmware archive from batch 1 miner or chrome edit?


I’ve post it many time. Just make a back up file with the machine at 500, edit the cgminer.conf with 600, or 650 or whatever you want and upload it. You can edin many files with many frequencies. You can also edit the network property from the tar file. I use it to configure them in bulk.


Does anyone have the batch 2 Z9 mini frimware? I have two batch 2 Z9 minis. One of them is running on batch 1 firmware and the other is running on the factory batch 2 firmware on it. The one with the batch 2 firmware is able to be overclocked by at a higher frequency than the one running on batch 1 firmware without getting hashboard malfunctions. I would like to set my other mini back to the factory batch 2 firmware as it seems to work better but i dont have a copy of it. Would anyone happen to have it? I have tried resetting my Mini but it is still stuck with the batch 1 firmware on it. Bitmain no longer has the August 12th batch two firmware on their website. they have released a new firmware that makes the it unable to be ovclocked.


What makes you think it is a firmware limitation? What overclock are your units running at? My batch 2 unit is on the original firmware, and the max stable OC is 675.

There is a spread in OC capability across units, widely documented by reports of users throughout different forums (most batch 2 units seem to be able to OC to at least 650). I have yet to hear that a different firmware version changes that, apart from unlocking the overclock option.


Just had brand new one, I can confirm the last units just ignore the cgminer.conf setting. Stuck at 500. Not good at all, there must be a way, let’s find it out guys.

This is the snapshot:

And those are the the settings lines:

"api-listen" : true,
"api-network" : true,
"api-groups" : “A:stats:pools:devs:summary:version”,
"api-allow" : “A:0/0,W:*”,
"bitmain-fan-ctrl" : true,
"bitmain-fan-pwm" : “96”,
"bitmain-use-vil" : true,
"bitmain-freq" : "650"


strange, mine are all able to be modified at the cgminer.conf file and then upload it and run with the set overclock. how do you access the cgminer.conf file just via chrome or are you downloading the archive?


Archive or SSH, but I’m talking abut a bran new one received today. And =m talking about the Shenzhen-Today. That’s a kind of 3rd batch. In my previous 15 pcs I already found one of them.


ah shit, sorry to hear that, but it is strange anyway, but of course possible